The Other Side of Wham… Whamtacular!

Like a thread of hope, of truth playing out, teasing, testing, daring you to trust, the events of your life weave forth in perfect rhythm and time empowering your spirit always, always, to stretch and dance and rise in grand design, that your limitlessness be realized. It would be in keeping with Grand Design that […]

Here We Flow Again :)

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.” H.G. Wells My life, as with all our lives, is an inexhaustible series of opportunities to adapt, to shift with the callings of spirit, flow with what the world lays before me. How we roll determines whether we struggle and strain, or surrender. I choose […]

Mind Offically Blown #2

The MindFULL Mentor Series ~ An exploration for those committed to FILLING head and heart consciously, to lead self and little ones with integrity. Post #10 The world around us, is little compared to the world within us, and the magic that envelopes and uplifts us, is as vast as our ability to believe. This […]

Mind Officially Blown

The MindFULL Mentor Series ~ An exploration for those committed to FILLING head and heart consciously, to lead self and little ones with integrity. Post #9 The moment at which we feel, perhaps, we know the child before us, their ways, their ideas, how their little brain and heart ticks… they go and blow our […]

Beauty to Stir the Soul

If I could teach my children just one simple, yet profound thing in this life it would be… To see the world about them as a beautiful miracle unfolding. This trip to California has been many things, but above all it has been about reveling in the splendid beauty of this place… To stroll, to […]

Days When A Shovel Will Do

And then there are days when only a shovel, a hole and sun-kissed, sand-blissed moments will do. I sat back watching as my boys created with nothing more than a shovel and an idea and it struck me… We need so very little to be happy. With a family to help you dig, friends to […]

VDay … Not Just 4 Swooning Sweethearts Anymore

In a world that desperately needs love from soul to planet, continent to continent, we have never needed personal and global connection more than we do now. LOVE… We crave it, long for it, wish it would come, pine for it when it leaves, ache to receive it, give it ’til were spent and then […]

Roam 4 Life … 5 Tips 4 Raising Warriors

It is in our very nature, our blood, to leap, to run, to test our powers of deduction, to be a warrior and to win the greatest game… Life. How we mingle with the earth as children determines our success at dancing with life and fulfilling our deepest desires throughout our time. This Lifeschool adventure […]

Let Go to Let In

Week 2 1/2 of our LifeSchool Abroad experience. The moments shared, the learning embraced, the beauty discovered… All surreal and expanding. The techie glitches have left me exasperated in moments. And when that welling worry that I may not be upholding a commitment ensues, a familiar fear grips me. For years I have defined myself […]

Encounters of the Prehistoric Kind

Schooling on the road, or underground railroads, began on the TTC subway. An adventure in geography, cartography, and culture, ending at the world of Dinosaurs at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Kids were fully engaged and we all took a journey to the past to the Jurassic and Crustaceous periods to the […]