Lil Man Hankering 4 Retreat

4 days ago Liam, our old soul of 6, asked, “Mommy, when are you going to that Buddha retreat place next?” It has been a while since I last spent moments at the Arrow River Hermitage, but it is a kindred place of connection for me and I felt a deep stirring at its mention. […]

In Search of Sacred Space

Creating space for the still, the contemplation, the meaningless meanderings and the ebb and flow of thoughts, ideas and practical consideration of plans… Is to the soul as air to the body. Our ability to evolve and contribute in innovative, heart-centered life-&-planet-altering ways, depends on it. We fill our days, our lives, with obligatory appointments […]

A Word About Balance … Building Blocks for Life

Well Hello Mentors n’ Friends, And so begins the 365 day journey into the heart, soul and biz brain of one mom who longs to deliver MORE to her two feisty, wise, grounded, growing boys.  I am thrilled you’re walking, running, sometimes leaping, alongside.  This is one of those adventures more extraordinary for the sharing. […]