If I Could Instill One Power In My Children

I had one of the most exhilarating, soul-nurturing, smile-inducing, serendipity-reviving reconnects with a friend this evening. Laura Simonson (you may know her as the Doggess:) ) and I traveled this life-journey together in the soul-sis and biz realm a few years ago. We soared to glorious heights and delved into the depths of exploration of […]

A Cliche Worth Clinging To

Day #7 Hello Happily Stuffed with Treats n’ Thanks Canadians (or in sweet anticipation of tomorrow’s feast). Hello World Citizens Who I Hope Are Satisfied to Full-Bliss Daily, as well:) “An Attitude of Gratitude”, said to the point where it rolls off the tongue and over the head of most who hear.  Why?  Well, because […]