Beauty to Stir the Soul

If I could teach my children just one simple, yet profound thing in this life it would be… To see the world about them as a beautiful miracle unfolding.

This trip to California has been many things, but above all it has been about reveling in the splendid beauty of this place… To stroll, to climb, to touch, to dance thru the waves, to pause and just BE with the bird who soars or the ant who crawls.

It has been filled with breaths, deep and long and sweet and shared with loved ones, and it has been filled with moments that take the breath away.

These clicks depict our walk along the sublime boardwalk of Laguna Beach, our hike up the sand drifts and our communing with all things tide pool.. Anemones, clams, tiny sea snails and the like. Each second was an unfolding … Even the part where we left friend-Ken behind after our photo shoot and the collective search with helpful strangers who aided in the eventual rescue;)

Moments to linger on and on and on…
jenni 😉

Beauty unleashes the soul
And ignites the heart.
It transports us to truth
And empowers us to face the infinite and finite connections we all possess.
We are more when we are enraptured, swept away by sunset or lapping waves.
We are taken to the sky by those winged friends observed in flight.
And we are keenly aware, as we gaze into the soft petals of a flower, of our depth, our capacity for all things glorious and wild and true.
In awe we stand, in love with the world…
Inspiring us to fall deeper in love with ourselves.







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