If Stuffties Could Talk

I was on a radical mission… View, sort, toss or save, label, record and breathe easy once again. It had to happen. I do believe I have a severe allergy to… Stuff! For 8 years on the road abroad, I lived out of 2 backpacks… Schweet. I loved the buzz of being able to carry […]

Little Man Drove Me to Tears…

The blessed and surreal kind, the ones that make your breath catch and your heart swell, the kind that only come when you’ve been completely caught off guard and are left with a keen and clear sense that something far more powerful than you, than all of us, exists… And here he was standing 3 […]

Blanket Fort Flashbacks

I flung open the door, all a-tingle to see my boys. I’d only been gone 4 hours, to work, while our sitter Yesica played with them, but it felt like days. I expected the familiar pitter-patter of scurrying feet en route to leap into my arms, but instead I heard shuffles and whispers. So when […]