Courting Magnificence – U In?

Soooo another season of official mentoring and education has begun. Summer breezes are whispers of the past, lolly gagging is no longer excusable and we, as parents and worker bees, are required to step up our game.

So how ya doin’?

Are you embracing with grace, the ride back in, or are you eye rolling and pining for one more fling with the sun?sleep giant pic

If you are anything like me you need a gear-up, an inspiring transition to kick-start your desire to give er for another year of expanding and reflecting and expanding again.

My gear-up came in a couple of ways this fall, one for me and one for the fam.

For me, if you’ve read previous posts you’ll know I pamper myself with retreat… Not at The Ritz but a raw return to simple at a bare-bones, spirit-beckoning retreat. It isn’t for everyone, the wood stove, the 1 meal a day, the walk for water and basic propane flame for tea making, but it is for me. It ignites my soul and reminds me of how little I need from the world to bring me joy.

For the fam, we kicked off LifeSchool with a trip to the Renaissance Festival in Minneapolis. We were wowed, delighted and dazzled by fairy forests and jousting matches and a reminder that being a lover of all that stirs the soul to learn to dance to romantically embrace the arts, the fantastical, is for us.

And so this post has a purpose…

I invite you, even now, weeks into this season of grind and gettin’ er done, to plan for your magnificent mentoring. This can only come when you engage in the thoughtful, the planning, the consideration of the purpose of your season and reason for contributing what you will of mind and soul.

I invite you to find a task, a trip, a time that will engage you, first as a singular soul, and then as a couple, a family, a team…Maki Fam shadow pic
to learn, to wander and wonder a while and set your sights on possibility, prioritizing what will enhance you as a peaceful, mentoring warrior and then the sacred bonds of you as a family, community.

Put on your oxygen mask first folks, take whatever air you need and then by all means share the buzz of enlightened vision. But all I can say is… If you don’t, if you hit this season running and wishing and pining, your magnificence will be less, your children’s will be less.

Trust me…nay, Trust YOU…We need and deserve time to BE, to adjust and understand that even if we are the only ones to ever court the magnificence within us, we’re worth it… Do this enough and those that surround you won’t be able to avoid the hint. 😉

Let’s get cited k??! It’s gonna be a good one and oooh man are we worth it.

How else are we going to show the next generation they are too?

Soooo stoked to be back with you, LifeSchooling it up.

In the spirit of a H#@@ YES! year,

p.s. I’ve started writing a book that I do believe can change, in simple yet profound ways, how we court this young world of miracles into understanding the power they posses with those hearts they wield. Hence a little less blogging and a lot more chapter development. But rest assured I’ll share the tidbits here… As you were my ‘firsts’ of sorts. We shall always love each other true;)

Jen hike pic

2 thoughts on “Courting Magnificence – U In?

  1. Hi Jenni, everytime I see the Life School in my inbox, I get excited. You have a special way of getting right to my heart every time. Love the message, love the photos, love you and your wonderful family. Can hardly wait until your book is launched. Keep us posted! Much love always, Judy xox

    • You are a driving force of motivation and pure love my friend. Thank you Judy. Soooo appreciate you in our lives. And read your fb comments to the boys today and they said, “Ohhh Judy of Tink and Judy, ‘I know enough to know that I’m okay! We Loooove her.”
      You are a gift my girl;) xo j

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