A Spirit Runs Thru It

This is one of the most extraordinary videos I have ever “felt” (Make sure your sound is up ๐Ÿ™‚ ). As you loose yourself in the dance, consider the magic of life, the awe-inspiring current of mystical that pulses through every moment of our lives. Even, perhaps especially, through the times when events occur we […]

The MindFULL Mentor – Space IN and Out

Soooo LifeSchoolers… How went the reflection and observation of your ‘space’? Did you discover a rekindling with an old fave spot or feel inspired to create anew? We know the power of Space, but often the world can crowd in and before we know it we can hardly determine where we end and the world […]

Givin’ It All Up 4 Joy

Everything we set our sights upon, All we reach out to hold, Each truth that resonates within and is delivered to the world, The steps we take, The love we make, The life we long to know… Must spill forth from the depths of our being, call to us from beyond our grasp with a […]

Celebrate or Wither Away

Life can be a series of Ho-Hum Happenings or Exhilarating Firsts…our very lives depend on the latter. Liam’s first tooth was removed by accident, not by nature but by brother, by root. Even that holds a hearty story to linger for years, to deliver to anticipating audiences of teenage friends. But two days ago we […]

If I Could Instill One Power In My Children

I had one of the most exhilarating, soul-nurturing, smile-inducing, serendipity-reviving reconnects with a friend this evening. Laura Simonson (you may know her as the Doggess:) ) and I traveled this life-journey together in the soul-sis and biz realm a few years ago. We soared to glorious heights and delved into the depths of exploration of […]

In Celebration of What Makes the Heart Sing

โ€œThe more you loose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.โ€ Norman Vincent Peale My buzz, outside of the magical moments connecting with our boys, is to witness a person’s deepest desires unfold in reality. Tonight was such an event.ย  My client, Dr. Heather Robertson, after 8 years in build-mode, […]

Gratitude – Life Revealing

Life is an event unfolding, a gift beyond measure. “This day, this is the only gift you have right now and the only response is gratefulness.” “Open your eyes and be surprised that you have eyes to open… Look at the sky… Note how different it is moment to moment…this weather may never be the […]

Perspective With A Pow – Air Bags Deploy

Typical evening. Well almost. Todd popped out to pick up Santa and bring him home (Dad in his passionate retirement gig). I bustled around getting kiddies fed, making a special spread for pops and had my sights on prettying-up for a surprise date night I planned with the hubby. My multi-tasking self scurried and was […]

I SEE You ~ 10 Centering Tips to Bring You Home

“We dance round in a ring and suppose, But the secret sits in the middle and knows.” Robert Frost If we look within, really look within, we all know we want to live Centered lives, lives in which we respond versus react, think before we speak, measure the outcome before we march.ย  Sometimes we are […]

Wear Sunscreen ~ 6 mins 37secs of Meanderings to Live By

If you haven’t seen this, you MUST.ย  If you have seen this, and you have clicked on here for some unknown, yet serendipitous reason, it is CLEARLY time for you to SEE IT AGAIN. 6 minutes and 37 seconds to remind you of what is essential and what is not, what will empower you and […]