Sweet Sunday Serenade

What a sweet sweet Sunday spent reveling in each other, the music and the convos of soul. My man picked up the guitar and we were all swept in and away with his familiar serenade. Hours passed like minutes and the creative flow spread from Daddy to son. The audience engaged in riffs and righteous […]

Joshua Bell Busking??!! A Lesson in Moment Living

WoW…. this is so powerful. Joshua Bell incognito doing a social experiment…and SO many (over 1,100 people) missed it (all but the kiddies of course). And, most heart-breaking for Bell was the dead silence that followed each stunning and timeless piece delivered with verve and heart. Surprising? Perhaps not. Sad? Yes! Let us not miss […]

Music to Rock the Soul

Tonight we ROCKED OUT.  We do often actually.   It is our higher than high expression connection, our lift us outta the dumps n’ slumps fun injection, our soothe n’ smooth life’s moments to melody.  Sometimes the tunes are loud (not too loud, but just loud enough); sometimes they are sweet and spellbinding. Tonight it was […]

Date Night Redefined

A successful relationship requires falling in love, desperately, wildly, creatively, honestly, spontaneously, again and again, with your partner, your spouse, your children, your friends, your community, your SELF. Let no person go unknowing of the gratitude you hold. Last night I was whisked away to an evening of surprise, eyes closed, head-down through the auditorium […]