School in Powerful Snip-Its

Today, school was a blast… Lifeschool that is. Our curriculum consisted of swimming lessons, math and gym. The learning in our two-on-one classroom was second to none, seriously… Liam learned to float, solo… Nathaniel took it out for spin and came super close. Liam did a front somersault under water. Nathaniel learned the bounce pass […]

Date Flight n’ Night With My Little Prince

Must apologize for my miss of a post yesterday… Technology glitches on the road. Will make up for it as I share the LifeSchool Adventures on the road and in the air over the next month, I promise 😉 Last night Liam and I embarked on a fabulous adventure over lake n’ land, cruising at […]

Box-Busting 4 New Sight

To create magnificent art, we must understand our own magnificence. In the spirit of Life as Art Revealing, our theme for this segment, I reflect on this weekend of adventure and retreat. As I met with the squeals of delight from my boys when I walked through the door, the kisses, the joy, the warmth […]

Sacred Space, Honouring Self

Sacred Space. Think about this for a moment. Sacred Space. What does this mean for you? Over the course of my life, the times when I am in hum and harmony with all, when I am inspiring, empowering, encouraging and delighting those around me, effortlessly, is when I am experiencing Sacred Space. It is the […]

A World Alive with Joy

When I lived in Europe people would often ask me where I was from. Although I grew up a good 90 miles north of Toronto, who would know of a strange village called Orillia, so I would answer, “Toronto”. (Figured I’d have a better shot at recognition.) When my answer was met with “Ohhhhhs” and […]

Reveling in Our Riches

My ability to see colour, to feel a skip in my heart when I hear the laughter of children, to see the twinkle of love lighting up the world through the eyes of a little one, is thanks to many things, but topping the list… My own boys (2 little/ 1 big). Through learning to […]