Sparkle Thoughts ~ The World Needs YOU!

Last night I attended a synergistic workshop, full of flow and authentic soul-searching. (Don’t you just LOVE these type of connects?!) The genuine, gregarious and glowing, Angela Gollat, artist, mentor and co-owner of The Creative Commons, was our guide. She is also, I am thrilled to say, my newest client, on a collaborative adventure to […]

The Heart of Children Across the Globe

We readied for morning reading time. I slid my cup into the Tassimo for some decadent brew and the boys scurried and whispered, doing I knew not what. When I entered the living room, I was delighted to see the transformation. Our couch had become a theatre, housing the most precious of friends to share […]

Cheering Each Effort – All Hail the Snow Blobs

“Mommy I don’t think you’ll like my snowman,” sady-face Nathaniel says through shivery teeth. “Did you make it?” “Yes.” “Then you know I love it already. Why do you say that though?” “‘Cause he’s not a snowman, he’s more a snowblob. I hurried and got my boots on, grabbed my camera and said, “Take me […]

Attack of the Snow Monkeys

I walked unwittingly along, breathing in the brisk of day, feeling the sun strain to tingle my skin despite the chill.  We were strolling through the neighborhood en route to our brunch date.  As a LifeSchooling family, this is known as, Class Trip.  Lil Nate, 4, toted the Cars backpack, loaded to the hilt with […]

Tapping Our JOY Shadow

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. Buddha I began the hunt for perfect Christmas gems today, and in scanning the shelves for books that ignite imagination I discovered a Pop-Up Facts book for kiddies.  The line that […]

4 Mins to Parental Bliss

Hi LifeSchoolers, Today I was geared to share snip-its of wisdom to inspire you along your unique and purposeful journey as parent, mentor, friend and human being today…and then I found this video and it captured so much of it.   I hope you take 4 mins for you (and/or include your munchkins as I […]

Mentoring Heroes

We should ALL be in the biz of mentoring the courageous, the true, the present in mind and spirit, the intuitive, the spirited, the abnormal, the doers, the be-ers, the adaptable, the mystical, the mysterious, the unpredictable, the wonderers, the wanderers… for these are the heroes of the future that we are in desperate need […]

In Celebration of Play…what does a leaf-calling sound like anyway?

Day#6 Hi LifeSchool Playmates! Today’s post is in celebration of those leaves, lying crunchy, calling on the ground, anticipating the rake n’ pile, jump n’ giggle that they were indeed designed for. The calling comes from the yard, or the sandpit, or playground, or bubble bath, or games-cupboard, or craft cupboard.  Wherever you hear it […]

Hello World and Parents in Pursuit of More

Hello WoW World!! Welcome to a journey, an exploration of all things expanding and exhilarating for the greatest gifts we’ve ever known, our children and the children of world.  This is a blog that takes on the adventure of educating and empowering our children, whether in compliment to an educational program, or as parents forging […]