Mind Officially Blown

The MindFULL Mentor Series ~
An exploration for those committed
to FILLING head and heart
consciously, to lead self and little ones with integrity.
Post #9

The moment at which we feel, perhaps, we know the child before us,
their ways, their ideas, how their little brain and heart ticks…
they go and blow our minds, again.

We miss 'em already :)

We miss ’em already 🙂

It began with a “Good-bye”.  Liam got to the door of the car, as we went to leave for our two-day, first-time, retreat just Mommy and he, and he began to sob.  A sob that can only come from the depths of an aching soul.

I was taken aback, “Honey what’s wrong?  Don’t you want to go?”

“Oh I do Mommy.  It’s just that I miss Daddy and Nathaniel, so much already.”  He turned and ran back to the house, scooped up his brother just a year and a half younger, at 5 and gripped him full.

“Nathaniel, I love you so much, so, soooo much.  Talk to me in your cutie voice, okay?”

There is this special voice of love that Nathaniel uses for Liam to cheer him, and this is what he wanted in that moment.  Nathaniel, usually the one being tag-along-buddy, was taken aback with Liam’s sadness.  A smile, half of wonder, half of pure joy, spread and Nathaniel delivered cutie voice with, “Liam, my Liam, we will always be brothers and I will always love you.”

You can imagine the glances and tears Todd and I shared as we watched the scene unfold.  You think you know your children, your family and then, this.  You suddenly realize, all you try to instill, all the times you helped them find their way through arguments to deeper understanding, all the harping on being respectful, being kind, listening to your heart, all of it … Mattered, Matters, Truly.  WoW.  Imagine.

We felt so full, so amazed.  Liam felt ready to take on a new adventure, knowing he was loved and that we would be connected in heart, no matter how far we stray for a time.

And so, we got in the car.  We were offffff.

1st Retreat Road Trip

1st Retreat Road Trip

Just a couple of blocks from home, Liam let out a giggle.  “Mom, I just can’t believe we’re doing this!!”

“Doing exactly what my love?”

“Just you and me Mom, on an adventure.  I’m just so excited.  It’s amazing.”

“Me too baby, me too.”

“And mom, can you believe how I freaked out and cried back there when we left Nathaniel and Daddy?  I had no idea I would do that.  Crazy hey?”

Ohhh how I laughed.  How awed I was by his ability to see it all and to assess the situation, wheels turning, trying to understand it all and willing to observe and even laugh at himself.  How grown up, my 6 1/2 year old bundle of babe is.

The Bliss that Calls

The Bliss that Calls

This was incredible enough, but … when we woke the next morning and we began to cuddle and talk, was when I would find myself awe-struck in new and profound ways beyond measure…

But this is for tomorrow’s post 🙂  … In the spirit of keeping these share’s short, so folks will read ’em, I will end here.  I do hope you follow up with the post of tomorrow entitled, Mind Officially Blown #2.

Until then, I wish you a million tiny and expansive moments when you find your mind Officially Blown!


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