Moved… To Tears, To Life

The wind begins, distant, echoing. With each breath whispers ever closer, moving reluctant trees and restless heart. Then at once sweeps me up, with wonder, bewilderment. I am weary. Until reverence rescues me and I am keenly aware it was simply time to move. I have known little familiarity over these last few months.  A […]

Claiming Minutes of Bliss

I love the holidays.  I love family connections. I love the busy, the crazy, the details, the dinners, the noise oh the wonderful, boisterous noise noise noise noise.  All of it means loved ones are gathering together and sharing.  In all our diversity, our eccentricities, on our common ground and in all our different places […]

Merry Christmas!

What a day! I can only hope you felt the tingle of joy today that comes from watching loved ones open the gifts and partake of the service, given from your heart. Squeals of delight, Santa’s arrival and watching as the boys delivered to each family member their hand painted candle holder depicting the love […]

The Nutcracker Tradition Born Anew

The lights dim, the haunting melody of Tchaikovsky swells, sweet anticipation rises from within and I am swept back to Toronto theaters in days passed. Mommy and Daddy, my sisters and I, enraptured by the magic and mystery of The Nutcracker. Clara, Heir Drosselmeyer and of course the Nutcracker in form of precious toy and […]

1st Day of Christmas Suprise ~ Ideas to Create Your Own Happily Ever After

I could hear the giggles long before the click of the door latch.  They burst through, beaming.  “On the first day of Christmas my true loves gave to meeeee….,” they sang.  My 3 precious boys, Liam, Nathaniel and Todd handed me a wrapped bundle and waited, jiggling anxiously (well the little ones jiggled, my hubby […]

Christmas Reads ~ Gems to Inspire and Delight

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! — When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice Nothing quite compares to the magic of […]

Gramma Knows Best ~ Love Cups, Backward Supper, Faeries n’ Such

My new and fabulous friend Annette Stanwick, posted the most sensational and inspiring ‘status’ on facebook today… “I am so grateful for our two precious grand daughters 9 and 6.. Here for a sleep over. Clay and I love doing things to fill their “love cups.” Christmas crafts spark their creative energy. Swimming with two […]