Mind Offically Blown #2

The MindFULL Mentor Series ~
An exploration for those committed
to FILLING head and heart
consciously, to lead self and little ones with integrity.
Post #10

The world around us, is little compared to the world within us,
and the magic that envelopes and uplifts us,

is as vast as our ability to believe.

This is in follow up to yesterday’s teaser-post Mind Officially Blown. We hope it was worth the drum roll :)… This is a little of us, we share with you…

The Morn Of WoW

The Morn Of WoW

In a lazy haze my 6-year old and I sleepily chatted away our first morning on our first retreat, just us two.

I saw him with new and wide eyes. He had aged somehow, overnight. The wheels of his mind turned, while his heart and sense of understanding for the deep and vast expanses of the soul, widened and wowed me full.

I shared with him a story from my past, speaking of a young girl who dreamed of having a kindred soul as a child one day. Of a specific moment she lived over and over again in her mind, of a Mommy taking her son by the hand, walking to the end of a dock at the break of day, snuggling into a broad, welcoming Muskoka chair together. She told him of the angel he was in her life, how she’d waited for as long as she could remember for him to come and now, as they sat, she was awed by him and his ways, beyond words.

“Liam, this is the story of you and me. I’ve known you for as long as I can remember. It seems I have always been waiting for you my love. And when you told me you wanted to go on this retreat with me, and waking here with you this morning, it reminds me of my dream. It is real now. And I am so very glad you chose me for your Mommy.”

As I speak he watches me, intent, searching, not missing one word, not one emotion. He knows this is us, here, just he and I and it feels good. And then he says, after a second…

“But Mommy, I didn’t pick you?’

I realize this is just a thought of mine, obviously not knowing if it is truly true, but still I know Liam never says anything without a depth of reasoning behind it.

“Oh? What do you mean Liam?”

“It was Nathaniel Mommy. It was Nathaniel who picked you for both of us. You know, before we came here, when we We Are Never Alongwere with God. Nathaniel knew we needed to be with you, so he picked you. And then he told me I had to come first, and he would come later. I thought he would come right away, but it took him a long time to come to us.
That was hard.
You know, Nathaniel and I have always been together Mommy?
This time, this time here, is the first time we’ve been apart in a really, really long time.
I think that’s why I cried so hard when I left him yesterday. It just reminded me of when I had to leave him to come here, to be with you, and I had to leave him behind. I think that’s why he gets so sad when I want to be on my own sometimes to play too. I think when I’m not with him, even for a second, it reminds him too.”

Well… as you can imagine, I just sat,
I could hear the words, but could hardly comprehend their depth, their raw truth, his mind, his heart and how it was flowing, as if plain fact just be plain fact. And I felt a little closer to God in that moment, and closer to all I hope may be true of what is beyond this brilliant veil.

And there he was, my Liam.
And there I was, his Mommy.
And I just held him, held the moment, in silence.
Until it finally broke, when the tears spilled just a little and I said,
“My Liam, you amaze me. I am so glad Nathaniel picked me, and that you came.”

Mind Officially Blown; Heart Officially Full With Peace.

It is in the silence, the quiet connectedness,
when we can share the stories of spirit.
We must make way for the calm, the clear, the peace,
so that when the answers come, we may hear.

I wish you a second of clarity in reading this, a second of pure and actionable clarity
that you pick up a pen and write the date and place where you will connect with one you love,
in retreat, in home-coming, in truth.
I could not wish you more.

To your life filled with Mind Blowing Moments.


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