Cheering Each Effort – All Hail the Snow Blobs

“Mommy I don’t think you’ll like my snowman,” sady-face Nathaniel says through shivery teeth. “Did you make it?” “Yes.” “Then you know I love it already. Why do you say that though?” “‘Cause he’s not a snowman, he’s more a snowblob. I hurried and got my boots on, grabbed my camera and said, “Take me […]

Attack of the Snow Monkeys

I walked unwittingly along, breathing in the brisk of day, feeling the sun strain to tingle my skin despite the chill.  We were strolling through the neighborhood en route to our brunch date.  As a LifeSchooling family, this is known as, Class Trip.  Lil Nate, 4, toted the Cars backpack, loaded to the hilt with […]

Never Say “No” to a Bursting “YES!”

“Always say, YES?,” you ask. “Yes!” Not to any ole thing. Embrace the bursting “Yes”, the things that tingle you to your toes, that ignite your soul, the snap ‘knowings’ that come full, and fast and furious. THIS is your divine essence burning to be expressed, enjoyed, lived! It is a treasure to honor it […]