Beauty to Stir the Soul

If I could teach my children just one simple, yet profound thing in this life it would be… To see the world about them as a beautiful miracle unfolding. This trip to California has been many things, but above all it has been about reveling in the splendid beauty of this place… To stroll, to […]

Mesmerize Them To Learn

It is a delight beyond words to watch your children’s minds and hearts alight, their desire to learn spark and ignite before your very eyes. We would do anything to provide this sweet and life-altering experience for them, wouldn’t we? Yes, oh yes. In LifeSchooling our boys it is my responsibility and my joy to […]

In Search of Sacred Space

Creating space for the still, the contemplation, the meaningless meanderings and the ebb and flow of thoughts, ideas and practical consideration of plans… Is to the soul as air to the body. Our ability to evolve and contribute in innovative, heart-centered life-&-planet-altering ways, depends on it. We fill our days, our lives, with obligatory appointments […]