Recovery, Discovery, Riveting Realizations

Wanna make God laugh? Tell Him your plans!!

Ever get the feeling that one of two things are true of your life, either everything is a divine unfolding of spirit-expanding events OR someone’s havin’ a hearty laugh?!

Ahhh but believing the former is what keeps us sane and, in all seriousness, when you spend enough time in the trenches, maaaannnn does the sweet smell of higher ground dizzy your desperate senses!

These months have been a time of delicious discoveries.

Let me be clear, it hasn’t always felt that way, but does it ever? And yet, in retrospect I am in awe of the Happy Dance the Universe is now doing, knowing I know now what I know.

For those who have journeyed with me by page or by path, you know my father means the world to me.

Three weeks ago he collapsed and, despite the centered exterior, I tumbled with him. Nine stitches in the head, a cracked pelvic bone and a shaken spirit later, there were moments I wondered if the man I knew would find his way back to whole. I did the delicate dance between caregiver and cheerleader, conscientious guide and coaxer.
I can say with deep gratitude and awe that He is Back.

When we are silently or powerfully called by those we love to lay plans and ways aside, we simply must answer.
In moments this is easy, but the real key is to do it anyway when it’s not, all the while keeping check of finding balance between responsibilities and soul-rejuvenation.

In all this, our boys have been wildly wonderful, taking our mantra of Compassion out for a full spin.

We have found that all the best laid plans will somehow come when we surrender to the needs of others and communicate, communicate, communicate through it all. We caught up all our Lifeschool work this week and have claimed moments for joy. We have been blessed with souls who flow. Ahhhhmen!

All the while we have been collecting tidbits for our book, aimed to demonstrate and inspire Star Claiming… Those deliberate acts designed to ignite joy, peace, love in our hearts, in those around us and in the world.

Soooo what are the Riveting Revelations that may spark a ReMembering, a reconnection with your wise Guru in You?

1. Take not one breath of one loved one for granted. Write, speak, of your love. Get down on one knee, send a note, shout from a rooftop. Whatever your mode of deliverance, imagine you may never have the chance again and Share It Now.

2. Life will always call you to More, to Give More, to See More, to Do More, to Be more… We must offer what we know will serve and discover ways to balance our In Breath with out Out Breath to the world. How do you Center yourself in the midst of chaos? You are only as effective to those in need, as you are capable of knowing when to receive.

3. The Moment At Which we Think We’ve Got IT, life will shift the rules. This is simple fact, our Survival, but most importantly our Thrival, depends on our ability to surrender, regroup and recognize there is opportunity for Evolution in it All! Yes! Especially when you simply do not feel that could possibly be true. Reflect on your life, when has chaos brought greater understanding? What are you learning right here right now through the challenges you face? No one knows you like You know you, so book a counseling session with self and delve in;)

It is good to see the renewed twinkle in my Dad’s eyes… To take this journey with my boys, chatting all the while about what we’re called to do and focusing on the love with which we do it… And to have a partner through it all who truly SEES me and knows just when a rose may cause me to pause and consider the miracle of me, even and especially when I simply forget that to be.

I pray that what you’ve read here sparks a knowing in your heart, a way forward on a clearer path, a deeper understanding of the miracle of you.

Because really, as we know,
What is true for one of us,
Is also made real for all of us,
So intertwined our blessed essence IS.

In light and hope and love,




2 thoughts on “Recovery, Discovery, Riveting Realizations

  1. Oh Jenni, how I love this post! You have a way of drawing me into my heart. Of all the blogs I read, yours is my absolute favorite. I am so grateful for the gift of YOU! Love and hugs, Judy

    • Precious, joyous Judy… I so appreciate the spark of You. Bless you for your magnificent words and your ways in my life. Thank you! Xo j

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