Recovery, Discovery, Riveting Realizations

Wanna make God laugh? Tell Him your plans!! Ever get the feeling that one of two things are true of your life, either everything is a divine unfolding of spirit-expanding events OR someone’s havin’ a hearty laugh?! Ahhh but believing the former is what keeps us sane and, in all seriousness, when you spend enough […]

Little Man Drove Me to Tears…

The blessed and surreal kind, the ones that make your breath catch and your heart swell, the kind that only come when you’ve been completely caught off guard and are left with a keen and clear sense that something far more powerful than you, than all of us, exists… And here he was standing 3 […]

4 Mins to Parental Bliss

Hi LifeSchoolers, Today I was geared to share snip-its of wisdom to inspire you along your unique and purposeful journey as parent, mentor, friend and human being today…and then I found this video and it captured so much of it.   I hope you take 4 mins for you (and/or include your munchkins as I […]

When In A Whirling Dervish, Read

Today was Transition Day at the Maki home. Mommy just back from 3 days away, the special treatment of Daddy throughout to ensure boys weekend a kid’s-dream success, the boys were feeling outta sorts to say the least. We reestablished a need for listening and respectful communication and well, that the Wacky Dance n’ Stomp […]