Moved… To Tears, To Life

The wind begins, distant, echoing. With each breath whispers ever closer, moving reluctant trees and restless heart. Then at once sweeps me up, with wonder, bewilderment. I am weary. Until reverence rescues me and I am keenly aware it was simply time to move. I have known little familiarity over these last few months.  A […]

A Spirit Runs Thru It

This is one of the most extraordinary videos I have ever “felt” (Make sure your sound is up 🙂 ). As you loose yourself in the dance, consider the magic of life, the awe-inspiring current of mystical that pulses through every moment of our lives. Even, perhaps especially, through the times when events occur we […]

Here We Flow Again :)

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.” H.G. Wells My life, as with all our lives, is an inexhaustible series of opportunities to adapt, to shift with the callings of spirit, flow with what the world lays before me. How we roll determines whether we struggle and strain, or surrender. I choose […]

YES! Tips to Rocker Joy

It is often the unexpected, the spontaneous, that fuels us to tap the brilliance that lays within, awaiting ignition… I received a fantastic comment and question from one of our engaging LifeSchoolers, that sparked thought and now, this post.  So I “Thank you Donna for your reply to Battle of Head vs. Heart!” That post […]

Date Flight n’ Night With My Little Prince

Must apologize for my miss of a post yesterday… Technology glitches on the road. Will make up for it as I share the LifeSchool Adventures on the road and in the air over the next month, I promise 😉 Last night Liam and I embarked on a fabulous adventure over lake n’ land, cruising at […]

I Think I Can… I CAN, I CAN, I CAN

When does it happen?  That little ‘thing’ that creeps into our psyche and whispers, “I know you were born innately thinking you could do it all, but, welllll, maybe not.”  It is subtle, unassuming and then WHAM you are left with a life-time of needing to sign up for hot-coal-walking expeditions to try to eradicate […]

Top 7 Sites for Parenting How-To

Top 7 Sites for Parenting How-To from Mashable Whether just launching your baby-adventure or a veritable veteran… we all need a little How-To once in a while.  Sure a huge portion of the answers, I believe, come loud and clear from within.  But when tantrums are high and spiritual grounding low, it is tough to […]

In the Midst of Illness, Blissness

WoW, what a week.  We are the healthy guru crew so often that I completely forgot what it is like to tend to dripping noses, fevers of 105, sleepless nights rivaling new-born-babe experiences and today, the piece de la resistance … an upheaval on the couch (yes, that’s what I mean).  Ug. And yet, this […]

Send Off and a Consolation Movie Huddle

A wonderful send off for Daddy as he sets to the air for Toronto and begins his 8-week president training program for Everest College T-Bay. We woke pining for him though he was in the kitchen cooking up a storm, and yet kept a stiff upper lip of joy, (almost), certainly not wanting to dampen […]

A Prayer, A Score and Lessons From the BDay Boy

Last night I tucked in our 4-year-364-day old bundle of boy. “Mommy when I wake tomorrow it’s my birthday right?” “Yes it is Nathaniel.” “Instead of me coming into your bed tomorrow, I would like to stay in my bed and pray. I want you and Daddy to come too, k?” I smiled, surprised because […]