Let Go to Let In

Week 2 1/2 of our LifeSchool Abroad experience.

The moments shared, the learning embraced, the beauty discovered… All surreal and expanding.
The techie glitches have left me exasperated in moments. And when that welling worry that I may not be upholding a commitment ensues, a familiar fear grips me.
For years I have defined myself by what I could deliver, no matter the sacrifice.
This has served me well in many rewarding ways, but what I’m learning at 41 as a roaming teacher and devoted mother is this…
When a commitment becomes obligation rather than flowing passion, when we act out of must rather than genuine joy, we surrender the precious presence of our lives for something outside ourselves that drains rather than fills us.

I began this 365 Day journey for my boys and in hopes that I would inspire a few fellow mentoring adventurers along the way.

I take this journey forward recognizing I may not write every day, but in this commitment I am Seeing in new ways every day and sharing when it flows with ease and joy. This is when I am best and most inspiring to all;)

I am learning to Let Go to Let In more peace, more freedom of BEing rather than DOing and keeping a keen and conscious eye on the Ultimate Prize… To Live each moment in tune with my Guru, my innate wisdom, and Experience ALL of life with such peace and grace, with such a vibrant, vivacious YES! that LifeSchool is a gentle and wild and joyful adventure to Love and in Love.

As I write this I know now why I lost all the other posts. THIS had to come and not until now;)

And so I come to you again fresh and with a deeper understanding and a genuine desire to share our glorious adventures of late.

Oh the giggles, the sun rises and sunsets of California… The sharing with Daddy before he flew to Ontario for training for the next 3 weeks and our Schooling in Life Abroad began.

Here are a few pics to ignite and delight you;)
Todd & I beach cruising and soaking in waves n’ bliss.
Todd’s Heart Rock n’ Shell Treasure gift,
Waves to catch us,
Heart shadows to make us smile,
And my note the day he left us.
Then my boys and I at ‘School’ taking in tides and waves and salt and sea.

Many more moments to share. What a gift, what a buzz to watch them flourish on the road 😉

Blessings n’ Light n’ Pure Delight to you all my LifeSchool Friends;)







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