Moved… To Tears, To Life

The wind begins, distant, echoing. With each breath whispers ever closer, moving reluctant trees and restless heart. Then at once sweeps me up, with wonder, bewilderment. I am weary. Until reverence rescues me and I am keenly aware it was simply time to move. I have known little familiarity over these last few months.  A […]

A Brush with Death for Heart-Full Perspective

This morning I learned that a precious and powerful friend of mine had a heart attack.  There is nothing learned by mind or heart in life that can prepare you for the gripping grief that comes when you learn that you nearly lost someone you love.  Thankfully he was able to connect with me himself […]

Claiming Minutes of Bliss

I love the holidays.  I love family connections. I love the busy, the crazy, the details, the dinners, the noise oh the wonderful, boisterous noise noise noise noise.  All of it means loved ones are gathering together and sharing.  In all our diversity, our eccentricities, on our common ground and in all our different places […]

Remembering Connecticut Loved Ones By Name

I tucked Liam in tonight and he shared his fears of tomorrow night’s first Tae Kwon Do class.  I listened, we discussed the why of his concerns and I felt grateful to put them at bay.  He pulled me close and said, “Thank you Mommy for always honoring me, and listening when I need to […]

1st Day of Christmas Suprise ~ Ideas to Create Your Own Happily Ever After

I could hear the giggles long before the click of the door latch.  They burst through, beaming.  “On the first day of Christmas my true loves gave to meeeee….,” they sang.  My 3 precious boys, Liam, Nathaniel and Todd handed me a wrapped bundle and waited, jiggling anxiously (well the little ones jiggled, my hubby […]

Girls … You ARE Beautiful. Guys … You da Man

“Every one of you girls out there, I want you to know you are beautiful just as you are. And guys, you da man.” Nick Vujicic There are moments when we wonder if we are, if we ever could be, enough.  We all encounter days when “the world is too much with us.”  We lose […]

Perspective With A Pow – Air Bags Deploy

Typical evening. Well almost. Todd popped out to pick up Santa and bring him home (Dad in his passionate retirement gig). I bustled around getting kiddies fed, making a special spread for pops and had my sights on prettying-up for a surprise date night I planned with the hubby. My multi-tasking self scurried and was […]

The Blood Curdling Cry for a Curriculum Shift

There is no game-changer quite like a scream. You know the one? It pierces the ears, turns your blood a little colder, you know in a split second it’s no minor deal and, somehow it always, always comes from the other room. We’ve all had these moments if we have or are around children. Today […]

All Play and No Work Makes for a Dull Life… Almost a Save

Day #8 Ahhh this post was to be about the value of work and how consciously applying oneself to that work empowers us to feel that the rewards of sweet indulgence are all the more deserved. There were great quips and quotes and ideas on how to appreciate the work you do, no matter what […]