Days When A Shovel Will Do

And then there are days when only a shovel, a hole and sun-kissed, sand-blissed moments will do.

I sat back watching as my boys created with nothing more than a shovel and an idea and it struck me… We need so very little to be happy.

With a family to help you dig, friends to encourage you as you toil with your labor of love, celebrate when the last grain has been removed to complete your vision and get right down in that hole with you when you’re done… What more could you want or need? Really?!

Oh and then there are the breaks in creation when one grabs the boogie board and hits the waves.

And it all is made more memorable and mind blowing by the spotting of a school of gray fins and a sudden burst through the water’s surface of majestic dolphins.

There are days that no doubt we will speak of in years to come… I do believe this will be one of them;)








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