Stop the World! Just Let Me…

Anyone can imagine, some are right there with me, Marathon training holds a plethora of life metaphors. There are varying degrees of injury that grip you throughout and there is this balance that must be struck… Rest and Heal or Suck It Up n’ Push on Through The decision is often less physical than it […]

Retreat in Life, 4 Life

What a surreal and expanding experience this last weekend. If I could encourage parents and mentors to do one thing with their children, no matter their age, no matter yours… Retreat. To create sacred space with my kindred soul child of 6, few expectations, letting it all flow as it comes, was one of the […]

Living Lemonade Grace

We are often defined, not by our ability to embrace the perfect unfolding of life, but by our ability to ebb and flow with the unpredictable, the unpleasant and the unwanted. When we look at this ‘job’ of parenting / mentoring, what is to be learned rarely comes from what we plan or schedule or […]

Lil Man Hankering 4 Retreat

4 days ago Liam, our old soul of 6, asked, “Mommy, when are you going to that Buddha retreat place next?” It has been a while since I last spent moments at the Arrow River Hermitage, but it is a kindred place of connection for me and I felt a deep stirring at its mention. […]

Who Knew? Finger Knitting 4 Peace

Gotta say, never had a real burning desire to learn how to knit. I mean, one day, maybe. Because I love those beautiful wool sweaters those Tibetans weave magically for cool fashion and mountain-air warmth. But Finger Knitting? Never heard of it. Until I homeschooled and then, wham, it’s everywhere. The idea of a child […]

In the Midst of Illness, Blissness

WoW, what a week.  We are the healthy guru crew so often that I completely forgot what it is like to tend to dripping noses, fevers of 105, sleepless nights rivaling new-born-babe experiences and today, the piece de la resistance … an upheaval on the couch (yes, that’s what I mean).  Ug. And yet, this […]

In Honor of Heroes Lost and Heroes Born…Our Prayers Go Out to the Families of Connecticut

Today was to be Part 2 of In Celebration of Closing A Door to Open a Window, but I cannot let this moment pass, this time when anyone with a child, who is lucky enough to still have blessed opportunity, is holding their precious ones tighter and revering them with new eyes in these last […]

In Search of Sacred Space

Creating space for the still, the contemplation, the meaningless meanderings and the ebb and flow of thoughts, ideas and practical consideration of plans… Is to the soul as air to the body. Our ability to evolve and contribute in innovative, heart-centered life-&-planet-altering ways, depends on it. We fill our days, our lives, with obligatory appointments […]

Egad My Kid’s A Guru

And Your’s is Too 🙂 “In their innocence, very young children know themselves to be light and love. If we will allow them, they can teach us to see ourselves the same way. ” Michael Jackson We all have those moments when we are simply stunned by the logic and wisdom that slips from the […]