Purge with Purpose ~ Sculpting a Life of Less

The sculptor produces the beautiful statue by chipping away such parts of the marble block as are not needed – it is a process of elimination. Elbert Hubbard We are a family dedicated to simplicity.  There is a much longer story here that will one day grace the pages of book I hold within my […]

Christmas Cheer Creation 2012 … What say you?

“Don’t say you want to give, but go ahead and give! You’ll never catch up with a mere hope.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ‘Tis the season for drawing near to the fires of hope, but much more than this, it is a time for inspiration and love in action. “And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet […]

Fueling Santa for Merry-Making;)

For about 13 years my father in his retirement has been bonding with young and old in a way few in this lifetime are privy to, he is a Santa at our local mall. Some would say ‘the Santa’ (although he would blush to hear it), as they seek out his scheduled-sits and often have […]

Christmas Love-Illumination in Action

We stand back in wonder, watching and before our very eyes they grow, larger than life, alive in ways we never knew could captivate not just our hearts but the hearts of every person they set their sight on. This was our day… spent in awe.  We discussed an idea, to bake cookies for charity.  […]

Christmas Biz of Love-Illumination Begins

Each Christmas season we seek out opportunity to contribute to the world in ways that spark smiles, feed or clothe those in need, in the hopes of instilling a pure understanding of shared humanity in our boys. They know that the spirit of the season is to find fun, unique and authentic ways of sharing […]

A Ted Prize and a Charter for Compassion Realized

“On February 28, 2008 Karen Armstrong won the TED Prize and made a wish: for creating, launching and propagating a Charter for Compassion.” Today I sat amidst the etched, the ancient, the ornate, the dazzling glass stained in images of a Christian faith, as I listened in the nave of Trinity Church.  Although we commune […]

Mentoring Heroes

We should ALL be in the biz of mentoring the courageous, the true, the present in mind and spirit, the intuitive, the spirited, the abnormal, the doers, the be-ers, the adaptable, the mystical, the mysterious, the unpredictable, the wonderers, the wanderers… for these are the heroes of the future that we are in desperate need […]

Compassion in Action 4 Life

“Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being.” ― Albert Schweitzer Good Day LifeSchool Community ~ Thank you for a record-breaking day of connections!  What a buzz to be able to see, for reasons unbeknownst to me, the spread n’ sprawl of cyber-celebration.  Yahoo. […]