If Stuffties Could Talk

I was on a radical mission… View, sort, toss or save, label, record and breathe easy once again. It had to happen. I do believe I have a severe allergy to… Stuff! For 8 years on the road abroad, I lived out of 2 backpacks… Schweet. I loved the buzz of being able to carry […]

The Heart of Children Across the Globe

We readied for morning reading time. I slid my cup into the Tassimo for some decadent brew and the boys scurried and whispered, doing I knew not what. When I entered the living room, I was delighted to see the transformation. Our couch had become a theatre, housing the most precious of friends to share […]

Hello World and Parents in Pursuit of More

Hello WoW World!! Welcome to a journey, an exploration of all things expanding and exhilarating for the greatest gifts we’ve ever known, our children and the children of world.  This is a blog that takes on the adventure of educating and empowering our children, whether in compliment to an educational program, or as parents forging […]