Sparkle Thoughts ~ The World Needs YOU!

Last night I attended a synergistic workshop, full of flow and authentic soul-searching. (Don’t you just LOVE these type of connects?!) The genuine, gregarious and glowing, Angela Gollat, artist, mentor and co-owner of The Creative Commons, was our guide. She is also, I am thrilled to say, my newest client, on a collaborative adventure to […]

Joshua Bell Busking??!! A Lesson in Moment Living

WoW…. this is so powerful. Joshua Bell incognito doing a social experiment…and SO many (over 1,100 people) missed it (all but the kiddies of course). And, most heart-breaking for Bell was the dead silence that followed each stunning and timeless piece delivered with verve and heart. Surprising? Perhaps not. Sad? Yes! Let us not miss […]