VDay … Not Just 4 Swooning Sweethearts Anymore

In a world that desperately needs love from soul to planet, continent to continent, we have never needed personal and global connection more than we do now.

We crave it,
long for it,
wish it would come,
pine for it when it leaves,
ache to receive it,
give it ’til were spent and then give it all again.
There is nothing we wouldn’t do for it, perhaps to the point of disappointment, but never, ultimately, to the point of regret.
When its real,
it never depletes us,
only expands us.
When it’s fake it drains us to the point where we must shake it off, walk away and start again.
There is only one thing sweeter than love,
Great love.
It is the one and only thing
that will ever save us.

And there could never be enough days
When we pause,
View those around us,
Those held dear in our hearts,
Those we have yet to meet but somehow know,
And celebrate the power they hold to transform us into the best of ourselves.

Today I missed my sweetheart, but was filled with new experiences of love in myriad forms.

I woke to snuggle in with my boys and we talked with Daddy across the miles.
I took our boys playing, giggling, climbing, swinging. For the first time in his life my brother-in-law had a second gal on his arm, while very much looking the part of Bond, James Bond that is. My sister and I spent our very first Valentine’s Day together that we could remember since we were children. And I got two bouquets of flowers, one from that bro-in-law I’ve known since I was 5 and one tear-sparking, heart-tingling surprise bouquet from my far-away prince.

I learned love comes anew again and again and I am deeper and wider and more giddy for seeing it all with fresh eyes and open heart today.

Whether you’ve gazed into eyes for a lifetime or discovered them in a brief encounter. Whether kindred soul, friend or stranger or a reflected glimpse of you, on this day and for all those to come may you love and love again and never ever hold back or wait to tell someone how much who they are and what they do means to you.

These are clicks of a day of Great Love…
Boys prezzies
Flowers from bro
Flowers from my Todd
Play moments with the boys and
Our eve out at Hotel Del on Coronado Island

Happy Love Day LifeSchoolers;)
Xo jenni

p.s. And when I hold your hand again my Todd, it will be as if not a moment has passed as is with timeless love, we are never really apart. Much Love, p













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