Here We Flow Again :)

Sleeping Giant“Adapt or perish,
now as ever,
is nature’s inexorable imperative.”

H.G. Wells

My life, as with all our lives, is an inexhaustible series of opportunities to adapt, to shift with the callings of spirit, flow with what the world lays before me. How we roll determines whether we struggle and strain, or surrender.

I choose ease and trust and allowing the uncertainty of it all to percolate within me as a grand and growing excitement, even when a part of me wishes things had remained just as they were.

Don’t get me wrong, if you read the About page here, you’ll notice that I thrive on change and challenge, but after 20 years of shifting across country and position, I’ve been craving a little rest and consistency, in all honesty.

So when, on Wednesday, we got the news that my husband’s job would have us relocate to Southern Ontario, for the first time, I felt the ground move from not only under my feet, but the foundation of my soul waver.

I have loved our time here in Thunder Bay.  More than I ever thought possible really.  I love the listless lull of space and breath and time in it all.  I have fallen hopelessly in love with the Sleeping Giant and the ebb and flow, even the brisk breezes, of our Superior Lake.  The people have wooed me and won my heart and I have a found a quality of spirit and nature here second to none.  And above all, for those who know me, know this… this time with my family, particularly my Daddy, at this stage of his life, our connection, our ever-evolving love and understanding, this I have treasured beyond all expression.  We will find a way to stay close, as ever.  I must believe this and intend for it to be.

I am so very glad we will have a year to transition and bask in the moments remaining and the connections we’ve made here.

And yet while I mourn, I learned long ago never to question the callings of heart.
Each time I follow in recognizing what is right is right,
no matter the unspoken worry or fear that quietly nods,
all doubt is dispelled with the arrival and the unfolding perfection of it all.

And so … we flow.

I have gone within, deep and sweet and real, these last few days.  As a family we have wept, we have dreamed, we have reached out to those we know we will miss and those who will welcome us to our new home with open arms.

And through it all, I have realized 3 things:

1. All that you think is solid and real and true, is fleeting.  What we think is so very sure, can change in the blink of an eye.  Just when we think we’ve figured out the game, ‘they’ go and change all the rules. You never truly understand how blessed and beautiful the seconds of your life are, until you come face-to-face with time’s fleeting reality.

2. When life shifts under your feet, it will be your loved ones that will empower you to realize, no matter what changes, their love for you never will, and with this, anything is possible.

3. From beginning to end this journey is about trust.  We must cultivate a relationship with what I call, the Guru Within, so that when the time comes to choose which road to travel or forge, you can swiftly go in, listen and, without a doubt, know the way to go.

From these 3 realizations, 3 bits to hold fast to:

1. You never know when you last time will occur… the last dinner with a friend, the last kiss, the last walk through that familiar park.  Sad?  Yes.  But better that we understand it and choose to truly and consciously cherish every experience, so we have No Regrets when that last comes, as it must.  Pause each and every day and SEE your life for what it is, A Miracle.  The people you know, the laughter you share, the pain you endure, the little things, the grand… all of it, will never pass this way again and we will never know how much we loved it until we no longer have it.

2. Surround yourself with quality people.  Treasure the quality of family and friends around you and never miss a moment to tell them, show them, just how wonderful they make this world for you.

3. Go within, often and much, and come to know and trust the quiet, still voice that whispers all the truths of your soul, all the truths of the Universe, for your understanding, should you listen and hear.

Uncertainty in life is inevitable,
but our ability to see it all through the eyes of a child
as if opening a new gift on Christmas morn,
this is the difference
between enduring change and
making something anew in its wake.

We have time before we leave this place we call home, but you can imagine, not one single second of it will be passing me by unawares.

Bring it on God!  Bring it on!


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