The Other Side of Wham… Whamtacular!

Like a thread of hope,
of truth playing out,
daring you to trust,
the events of your life weave forth in perfect rhythm and time
empowering your spirit always,
to stretch and dance and rise
in grand design,
that your limitlessness be realized.

It would be in keeping with Grand Design that after a month of Wham, that I would be whisked away on an adventure that has called to my heart for years, but was brought to fruition at this very moment in time to be realized.  I purchased the tickets months ago and the only condition my hubby put on the gift of time was this, “You MUST go alone.  You must tell no one.”

I don’t know how he knows, but he always knows and this is the reason I laughingly say so very often, “There is definitely a reason why God rhymes with Todd, life’s answer to my soul’s search for love.”

And so I purchased those premium seats to the I Can Do It conference in Toronto and the tingles began.  Although I’ve been on this introspective, spirit-pumping, postitive-vibing journey with Hay House authors since Louise Hay brought the magic to the stage, I just knew something big, bigger than ever before, was in the works.

I think just the knowing that I was going, that I held this precious little secret of me-time in my heart of truths, was enough to have me riding the waves of cluster-crazy like a veteran surfer dudette.

Did it live up to the hype?  OHHHHH Ya… and then some.

And so, in the essence of shaking a little of Whamtacular dust on YOU, I‘m giving you the highlights and the links to the Authors/Speaker/Movers-in-Shakers that rocked my days and have catapulted my life to new heights since returning home. (Please note, that with the plethora of info received, the speakers’ insights here may not be ‘exact’, but rather my interpretations.  I hope I’ve done them justice and please do click their links for access to the real deal.)

I hope you take a little, explore a little, let the magic here permeate your spirit and ignite in you a desire to Get Busy and Sprinkle it ON…

YES!, OH YES! You Can Do It Too!  (And you know it or you wouldn’t be reading this right here, right now).

Sprinkle Sprinkle…

Star Blessing Pic for Cheryl #1 Write down the top 10 things that are draining you, distracting you from your spiritual connection and Get Busy.

You know, those things that anchor you to this human life, to the physical realm.  DO THEM, check them off your list and make way for a perpetual stream of consciousness, spirit-spiration, and WoW Wisdom Living.

Visit the magnificent and life-shifting coach and speaker, Cheryl Richardson, for more life-igniting gems.

#2 Tappity, Tap, Tap, Tap for Peace, Personal Power & Prosperity.

I was blown away by Nick Ortner’s modern-day version of this ancient technique, Acupressure through Tapping combined with positive suggestion.  Its simplicity, its inexplicable ability to shift worry, upset, frustration and anger to deeper understanding, release and peace, offers lasting hope for life.  I took it out for a short spin to begin and let go instantly of a nagging back pain. (I know, wild hey?)  And I’ve implemented it with my kiddies to help them deal with the strange, beautiful and sometimes frustrating world of being a kid.

Check out The Tapping Solution and Nick Ortner‘s genuine, straight-up, awe-inspiring delivery of it all.

#3 The Power of the Whole Universe lies within us, just Waiting to BE Unleashed, again and again and again…as we Evolve to Higher and Higher Heights of WoW.

I know, it sounds crazy, but for those of us who’ve studied this over the years, for those keenly aware of the logic of energy that makes up everything and bends to our conscious command, we are open… we know… and even we forget to GET IT sometimes or we get bogged down in the function of this life rather than the pure, sweet, limitless Flllloooowwww.

At I Can Do It Toronto, a number of exceptional minds-&-hearts of our time spoke to this.

Wayne Dyer connected us to the power of ancient energy that can reconnect and elevate us, simply by listening.  His I AM, Wishes Fulfilled meditation CD, brings us home to the energy and sound of God through music and a guided meditation.  Experiencing “I Am That I Am”, visualizing “That” which you, as a divine being, wish to be is extraordinary in bringing peace and sweet, longed-for abundance to your life.  Visit Wayne to get yours.  🙂

Gregg Braden empowered us to touch our heart-center, open our eyes to our ability to live more love, extend our lives by hundreds of years and be a part of this extraordinary time when our very existence no longer survives by means of competition but survives and thrives based on cooperation and mutual aid.  Within ourselves, within all existence there lies a Deep Truth and it can be found by understanding our origin, our history and our fate.  Visit Gregg for a path to more.

Looking for a perpetual honeymoon and to understand your role in making living, lasting, present-moment love your way of life?  Oh, like who isn’t?  This Bruce Lipton blows minds and expands hearts with his scientific stats, flow charts and rapid-fire banter that suddenly and succinctly, enlightens you to the role you play in the creation of your magnificent life.  For more Honeymoonesque insights, visit Bruce Lipton.

And lastly, on this subject, a man whom I’ve been fueled by since my early twenties, the beautiful, oozing-calm-&-wit, Brian Weiss.  By exploring our past, in this life and in lives of long, long ago, the imagination, the soul’s beckoning, and the peace we find in quiet contemplation, there is no limit to the insights we may discover and the peace we may bring forth into this life for ourselves and those who journey with us.  I LOVE his Regression meditation and our lil guys are often found, ear-buds in, sitting cross-legged, closed eyes, journeying to the past within their minds, to this CD too.  Visit Brian for a real treat.

There are two more subjects I’d like to review for you, but undoubtedly, for today your mind and heart are full with all there is here to explore.  In the spirit of allowing you to take it allll in.  I will leave you here.

In the next few days I will give you tidbits from some extraordinary health gurus and a young man who speaks to what Youth of Today truly need from us to be empowered to live their YES! Lives.  I do hope you will tap back in if you feel so called.

Wishing you a day that sheds light on the miracle of you, that, when understood and tapped, will undoubtedly spill over and into the lives of the loved ones and communities that surround you.

Love in all you do and all you ARE,


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