Escapism at Its Finest!

Mystical sunsets, quiet contemplation, wild discoveries, bubble chasing, mine digging, shadow puppets, dirt dustings head to foot…all essential to the evolution of soul of child and adult alike. Communing with nature is the surest and swiftest way to pure, sweet escape and irrevocable rejuvenation. Here we find ourselves, amidst the trees and truth for 3-weeks […]

If Stuffties Could Talk

I was on a radical mission… View, sort, toss or save, label, record and breathe easy once again. It had to happen. I do believe I have a severe allergy to… Stuff! For 8 years on the road abroad, I lived out of 2 backpacks… Schweet. I loved the buzz of being able to carry […]

The Pot o’ Gold Is Yours

A tradition began in our lives when we talked of our Irish heritage and read a story of two children who put forth their best efforts to catch that Trickster, the Leprechaun. Oh it has been the most extraordinary unfolding from there, as St. Patrick’s Day approaches and the scheming begins. It is not that […]

Celebrate or Wither Away

Life can be a series of Ho-Hum Happenings or Exhilarating Firsts…our very lives depend on the latter. Liam’s first tooth was removed by accident, not by nature but by brother, by root. Even that holds a hearty story to linger for years, to deliver to anticipating audiences of teenage friends. But two days ago we […]

The Heart of Children Across the Globe

We readied for morning reading time. I slid my cup into the Tassimo for some decadent brew and the boys scurried and whispered, doing I knew not what. When I entered the living room, I was delighted to see the transformation. Our couch had become a theatre, housing the most precious of friends to share […]

A Giant’s Story to Ignite

To engage our minds in the art of story telling is to splash our hearts onto the canvas of life. Nearly each morning we take a drive along the familiar way thru town and over the bridge that leads to the Marina Park. We crest the hill and revealed before us lies the mysterious and […]

Beauty to Stir the Soul

If I could teach my children just one simple, yet profound thing in this life it would be… To see the world about them as a beautiful miracle unfolding. This trip to California has been many things, but above all it has been about reveling in the splendid beauty of this place… To stroll, to […]

Days When A Shovel Will Do

And then there are days when only a shovel, a hole and sun-kissed, sand-blissed moments will do. I sat back watching as my boys created with nothing more than a shovel and an idea and it struck me… We need so very little to be happy. With a family to help you dig, friends to […]

VDay … Not Just 4 Swooning Sweethearts Anymore

In a world that desperately needs love from soul to planet, continent to continent, we have never needed personal and global connection more than we do now. LOVE… We crave it, long for it, wish it would come, pine for it when it leaves, ache to receive it, give it ’til were spent and then […]

What a Day

After sprinkling the house with Valentine’s Day surprises for our precious boys, I sit, filled with gratitude for the day we just lived. I am spent, whirling with all we learned, experienced, moved through and soaked up. I long to be profound, but alas there is so much, that words would dampen it all for […]