Christmas Biz of Love-Illumination Begins

Each Christmas season we seek out opportunity to contribute to the world in ways that spark smiles, feed or clothe those in need, in the hopes of instilling a pure understanding of shared humanity in our boys. They know that the spirit of the season is to find fun, unique and authentic ways of sharing self and love and experiencing firsthand the shower of fortunes this brings.

Our quest to infuse love into the world in myriad ways began today.

When most kids were boarding the yellow ride to school, we were measuring flour and discussing ways of taking yummy recipes to new levels of health.

And so it was by 8:30 a.m. we had made one batch of Steel Cut, Cinnamon, Oatmeal drops for Grandpa and a load of sea salt n’ coconut oil roasted pumpkin seeds. This all was with the intent of mastering the art of blending taste with wholesome goodness before baking our 3 dozens cookies for the Christmas Tea and Bizarre tomorrow.

Now being real about the fact that I am about as undomesticated as they come, baking is not second nature to this gypsy-gal. But I’m-a-learnin’. Before marriage I cooked in ways that fueled my being with little care for flavor. Now if I want little ones to partake I must find another way. This being said my boys are star eaters and it is because they know the value of a vegetable and we discuss ‘shiny’ food opps.

It is extraordinary how children truly desire healthy food options if we only offer em up.

And so today we began the experiment and nibbled the rewards of our efforts. They loved our wares. I’m still perfecting but, what I discover that rocks health and taste buds I will share.

Tonight we sleep. Tomorrow we stir & mix & bake and wrap our delicious and nutritious bits up for those who otherwise will have no home-baked delights this Christmas. And while there will no doubt be plenty of decadence, we aim to make yum synonymous with bod, brain and being building delectables.

Here are our chefs at work today. Look forward to sharing more of the effort and fruits of our labor tomorrow.

May you find and plan ways this season of contributing to the community around you, that delight and enrich your family.

What will you do, make and be to empower the people of this world to live a little lighter and feel loved a little more this season?

By all means… Do share. We can all use a little inspiration from fellow LifeSchoolers;)


Our Creators in the Kitchen…



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