Purge with Purpose ~ Sculpting a Life of Less

Nathaniel Flower_2

The sculptor produces the beautiful statue by chipping away
such parts of the marble block as are not needed –
it is a process of elimination.
Elbert Hubbard

We are a family dedicated to simplicity.  There is a much longer story here that will one day grace the pages of book I hold within my heart, but for today I share a moment within a long-held tradition in our home…Purging with Purpose.

Having traveled for 8 years from country to country, with 2 backpacks containing the entire contents of my life well-lived, I learned the pure value of less as more.  I loved to know that all I needed in this world, did not exist within the sacks I carried, but within the soul I housed and the kindred spirits I found safe haven, solace and connection with along the journey.

This Backpack Living is no longer possible at this particular stage of life, but I strive to inject the values this philosophy holds into our home and lifestyle.

We Purge with Purpose regularly.  In our tiny cottage-esque home there is no room for clutter, for the superfluous, only necessity and a few trinkets that truly tingle the heart.  And so de-cluttering, often is a must.

Today was such a day and what a glorious task it is.  To hold within your hand or eye each and every thing you own and ask yourself in all sincerity, “Do I need this?  Do I want this?”  The answer is in the hesitation.  If you must ask yourself with full attention and waver toward the ‘No’ for but a moment, you have your decision made.

At this time of year, I love this releasing most of all.  For in our releasing is a gain for the world about us, at a time when, for whatever reason, we seem to realize, people believe, they need a little more.  We have more and we give it.  We have little and we still give it.

I love that our children are learning the value of release with love and the impact that sharing can have on the lives of others.  My heart was ignited and delighted as I watched them pack their things, some they still loved but were willing to part with, knowing the joy and warmth it would bring to another.

Look to your home this season and SEE all that it contains.  Do you have items that sit in storage for ‘one day’, that could serve those in need now?  Do you have ‘extras’ that surround you that you do not use and rarely consider really that could lighten the burden or heart of another?  Imagine a time in your life when you had less.  How did you feel?  How light was your heart?  At that time, did you have truly all you needed within you to be happy?

So often the clutter around us piles up as we bustle from moment to moment unawares, until one day we hardly notice how heavy our hearts feel just having to care for it all.

Perhaps this season can be a time to Purge with Purpose for you too.  Have fun deciding where it all might flow to next.  Another family you know?  A family you don’t, but you can imagine needs so much?  Talk all of this through with the young ones who join you in the act of simplifying.  It is a wonderful way of connecting with your children and their coming to know and understand a world beyond your own.  Perhaps even they can deliver the goods to those in need, say good-bye to what they loved well once, knowing it will all be loved again by another and in this act they are freed up for less and more and new.

The bags sit by the front door and we all feel that Santa Sparkle a-tingle within us knowing Christmas will come a little early for some and we may just have the chance to feel like St. Nick in the delivery tomorrow.

To the process of elimination as you chip away and uncover more of the real within and around you…the Purposeful Life you Sculpt is a Treasure to Behold.

InJOY, jenni

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