Christmas Love-Illumination in Action

We stand back in wonder, watching
and before our very eyes they grow,
larger than life, alive in ways
we never knew could captivate
not just our hearts
the hearts of every person
they set their sight on.

This was our day… spent in awe.  We discussed an idea, to bake cookies for charity.  It began as simple as that, but what I watched evolve and expand over the last few days brings me to sweet tears of joy as I write.

Together, we shopped, we searched for recipes to delight and nourish, we bathed in flour (unintentionally, but inevitably), we woke at dawn and toiled til the wee hours.  Through it all we giggled and measured, discussed fractions, poured and contemplated the pure and authentic joys of contributing in large and small ways to the world in which we live.

All this learning stuff is for not,
if we do not fully engage in the opportunity at hand,
to discuss the matter of love
behind each and every action we take.

And so it was, that from dawn til dusk today I saw my boys delight in an expansion of head and heart that was nothing less than inspiring.  These photos say it all…

Eager Shoppers

A little sleep deprived from the last few days of magic-fairy-dust-spreading… Momma forgot a few of the essentials for our baking marathon.  Thank goodness for eager-to-please shoppers:)

Even mixing
deserves a hug
for effort

Spontaneous love flowin’ like mad.  Moments like these, I will cherish for a lifetime… and these are the pics I will whip out in the teenage years should they ever feel less than connected:)

good love

A moment that captivated my very soul.
I nearly burst with joy as I took this pic.
(Maybe I made ’em hold it just a little longer:)

So glad we
did this 🙂

Of course, there was the tasting of the Cookies of Our Labour.  Much deserved and delectably decadent for breakie dessert:)

Not all efforts
are successful
but fab lessons:

And then…the honest look at my bakin’ skills…
Ahhh the ones that didn’t make the grade:)  Boys felt
lucky as they got to keep these, crispy n’ all.

As if on cue, in celebration of our festive efforts, Bing seems to begin to
sing, “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas”
and our first snow falls…

We arrive and set up shop and this is where the magic really begins.

To see our boys take control charge of table, explanation of the delectables vs. the “Can’t Believe I’m So Healthy” Cookies, sales-pitch, sales-close, and all the while treating each customer with respect, gentleness and joy.  (Note the Christmas zip-lock baggies stuffed with their Hallowe’en Candy … now for sale for the greater good 🙂  Yahoo!)

I was amazed and delighted and had that moment when I thought,

Each customer
was an opp
to connect with JOY!

“Wow, are these the babies we once knew?  Really, could they really be ours?”

Sweet Tea n’
Dainties in

As the day came to a close, we took a moment, together…
to revel in the wonder of it all as we sipped, and nibbled
and talked of what can come when we join together in community and love with all that we are.

So excited to have begun the Season of Giving…
we are now scheming about the next project we will take on.

I wish you and yours a time of connecting with one another and brainstorming on the myriad ways you can expand heart and bring more of those in need into your amazing families.

Love n’ hugs n’ wishes for Illumination-in-Action experienced.


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