A Ted Prize and a Charter for Compassion Realized

"child map", "charter for compassion", "inspiration", "lifeschool", "parenting", "parenthood", "joy", "peace", "love"“On February 28, 2008 Karen Armstrong won the TED Prize and made a wish:
for creating, launching and propagating
a Charter for Compassion.”

Today I sat amidst the etched, the ancient, the ornate, the dazzling glass stained in images of a Christian faith, as I listened in the nave of Trinity Church.  Although we commune with God in every landscape, dwelling, seaside, forest glen, sprawling sky, wherever we roam, one of the reasons we have chosen this particular church to attend with our children, is because of Rev. Randy Boyd.  He is a man of inclusion, of weaving a story of love and perspective of the past into a powerful, practical message for our days, our lives.

Today Randy spoke of “Love at the Centre”.  The reason I share this with you is not because I am encouraging you to attend church, or organize your faith.  You will or have found a path that speaks to and sparks within you what you long for and desire in this moment.  I do share this with you because what he spoke about is for all of us, no matter your persuasion or belief, we can all relate to The Golden Rule.  In fact every religion and faith of the world relates to this in varying forms and poetic verse.   "the golden rule", "the golden rule project", "inspiration", "compassion", "joy", "peace", "lifeschool", "parenting", "parenthood"
How many times in the last week have you raised the value of ‘do to others as you would have them do to you’ and reasoned with your children by this means?  Myself, at least two or three times a day.  This is a fundamental bargaining chip for shifting anger to an authentic connect with a loved one, releasing the toy, or the hold on the frustration and a return to peace.

Well, today Randy spoke of this extraordinary woman many of you may have heard of, Karen Armstrong.  She won the TED Prize and embarked on a journey to make the world a more conscious and compassionate place.

“The Charter for Compassion

The best idea humanity has ever had…

The Charter for Compassion is a document
that transcends religious, ideological,
and national differences.
Supported by leading thinkers
from many traditions,
the Charter activates
the Golden Rule around the world

As Karen is a scholar of world religions, when posed with what she might do to change the world for the better with the prize money, she obviously saw an opportunity to appeal to the humanity that connects us all, and proposed that we move from desiring peace to taking action to bring it about, one committed citizen at a time.  And so was born The Charter for Compassion.

With over 91,000 confirmed, there is clearly a movement in the make.

"goldren rule project" "compassion" "inspiration" "love" "joy" "lifeschooling" "parenting"“We urgently need to make compassion a clear,
luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world.
Rooted in a principled determination
to transcend selfishness,
compassion can break down political,
dogmatic, ideological and religious boundaries.
Born of our deep interdependence,
compassion is essential to human relationships
and to a fulfilled humanity.
It is the path to enlightenment,
and indispensable to the creation
of a just economy and
a peaceful global community.”

As I listened, I was struck by the monumental opportunity. 
Although the boys and I regularly talk about compassion, as it is a part of our Maki Mantra that guides our home, this would allow us to take it to a new level of understanding and commitment.  Also, it would introduce them to the world at hand, one that can see a void, a need, a hope and by sheer passion and effort can design an idea that can be loved into existence and bring about real and significant change.

Every effort we make within ourselves to cultivate compassion, is one step in the direction of greater, whole and all encompassing love for our planet.

The Maki Family will be researching, reading, discussing, and signing the
Charter as a part of our LifeSchool programs this week.
Does this speak to you?  Are you, are your children,
your partner, your sisters, brothers,
friends, ready to be a small but significant part of
the ‘indispensable…creation of a…peaceful global community’?

Do let me know how it all flows.  We don’t have a moment to loose when actively bringing about a world we dream of for ourselves and for generations to come.


Resources to Empower You to Realize Compassion in New Ways:
* Charter for Compassion (quotes throughout this post are taken from their inspiring site, as well as the Kid Map and Passion Poster).  To move straight to reading about how to sign the Charter, go to Affirm the Charter or join their Facebook Community.
* Golden Rule Project (thanks to this initiative for the stunning Golden Rule picture and tribute to their community supporter Madelyn Maberly Player).

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