Mentoring Heroes

"compassion" "heroes" "hero" "heroism" "joy" "inspiration" "parenthood" "lifeschool" "parenting" "fun" "leadership" "positivethinking"We should ALL be in the biz of mentoring the courageous,
the true, the present in mind and spirit, the intuitive, the spirited,
the abnormal, the doers, the be-ers, the adaptable,
the mystical, the mysterious, the unpredictable,
the wonderers, the wanderers…
for these are the heroes of the future
that we are in desperate need of.

Anyone charged with, or who raises the torch by choice, to teach, must understand that we are in an incredible era of self-empowerment, and the life n’ times of the entrepreneur-in-training.  This generation coming down the pipeline thrives on change, the constant dance of  information exchange and is keenly aware of all the ‘truth’ they have at their finger tips and the power they have to make shift in this world.  This poses amazing and delightful opportunity and incredible challenge.

We must be the gatekeepers of the information overload that hammers daily at their door and fill their hearts with the tangibles of contribution and the value of drawn-out salutations and face-to-face connections.
For this is an art the world is no longer versed in
and it is up to us if we are to encourage a generation to hold fast to these virtues.

We’ve never had more instantaneous access to pure genius than Google…or more misinformation available to us under the guise of expert via flash n’ pomp.
We’ve never had more free entertainment to stimulate and engage…or a more captive audience than the wanting ways of younger and younger children exposed to the hype.
We’ve never had more access to our global family…or a greater excuse to ignore the one down the street.

We, parents, mentors, community leaders & volunteers, coaches, anyone in the light of a child’s eye, have our work cut out for us.

And I believe it comes down to this…

To know what we stand for in the name of LOVE, above all LOVE,
to communicate that love in honest, open terms,
to share what it is we hope for them,
to admit our mistakes,
to demonstrate our integrity and strength
to continually learn and grow
by ACTING in accordance with that LOVE and Hope
and to show our children that the greatest commodity
they will ever know
is their very own wisdom within
and the greatest reward they will ever receive
is the smile of pure gratitude that forms
when we take the time
to BE present
with another
in LOVE.

What do YOU think it takes to raise this generation?

"Heroes" "Hero" "Inspiration" "fun" "joy" "love" "compassion" "truth" "lifeschool" "homeschool" "parenting" "parenthood" "batgirl"


p.s. You know I’d love the brave to step forward
and share so we all can learn.

2 thoughts on “Mentoring Heroes

  1. I would like to help my boys think critically, to look beyond what is presented to understand what is and what can be.

    • Even if you were not my bff :), fellow pilgrim on this adventure, and treasured partner in parenting, you Todd would still be the man I respect most in this world. And this kind of comment, these beliefs, are what make me feel this way. I agree and am right there with you. 🙂 j~p

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