If I Could Instill One Power In My Children

sunset-w-kids-dancing1I had one of the most exhilarating,
serendipity-reviving reconnects
with a friend this evening.

Laura Simonson (you may know her as the Doggess:) ) and I traveled this life-journey together in the soul-sis and biz realm a few years ago. We soared to glorious heights and delved into the depths of exploration of self and soul. And tonight, even though it has been years since we spoke voice-to-voice, it was as though not a moment had passed.

As we shared our years, our journeys mirrored, as only kindred-spirits can and we found ourselves in states of easy laughter and genuine joy in discovering one another again.

Laura Simonson is a quiet angel in my life.

If I could instill just one power in my children, you know they fairy-wand-waving-kind, it would be The Power To Fully Understand their Oneness in this World, and, in knowing this, Seek Out the Souls that Nurture and Delight them. (Thank you sweet Laura for this profound n’ fun reference to the Superb Seth Godin).

Note to Sons Re: Friendship…
Dear Precious Boys of Mine, Liam and Nathaniel.
May you understand the magnificence of your very nature, the essence of you that is pure and wild and free and born to inspire the world about you. As you discover again and again this miracle of you may you become more keenly aware of this unique is-ness of the spirits about you. Love all, embrace and hold close those who sparkle at your ways and somehow inspire a desire in you to be all your innate YOU longs to be, release with peace all those who drain you in the least. We are here to seek out those who dance to our rhythm, who dance to their own, but inspire us to mix it up in new ways, and those who brilliantly beam even if they choose to sit silently watching from the sidelines.
May you be and discover silent angels and live each day with desire and, yes, DELIGHT, indeed.
And should you wonder or waver, I am always, always here to listen, to sit awhile, or fill your dance card or your heart with spinning and twirling and hope and joy… but above all, Love;)
Yours til eternity,

Thank you Laura for the spark, the dance, the dreaming of what can be.

I am DeLIGHTed.

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