A Cliche Worth Clinging To

Day #7

Hello Happily Stuffed with Treats n’ Thanks Canadians (or in sweet anticipation of tomorrow’s feast).
Hello World Citizens Who I Hope Are Satisfied to Full-Bliss Daily, as well:)

“An Attitude of Gratitude”, said to the point where it rolls off the tongue and over the head of most who hear.  Why?  Well, because something that was once profound, but became mainstream lingo, just transitions to trivial.  But this cliché, albeit perhaps overused, still holds inexplicable and limitless power.

I discovered a fabulous blog that spoke to what we do know unequivocally…the antithesis of gratitude (our other ad nauseam friend) stress.

Naturally Savvy has this to say,
“An estimated 90 percent of all doctor visits are for stress-related aliments. Evidence shows that today’s biggest health challenges are cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity – all conditions that are often linked to living in a state of constant stress. This constant stress and lack of balance will almost certainly lead to some form of pain or physical condition for which we need to seek medical advice. In this way, pain can actually be a blessing because it creates awareness that our body is out of balance and needs a change.”

This is not news and the solution for decreasing stress not rocket science.  Yes we need to eat healthy whole foods.  Yes we need to get daily exercise.  Yes we need to worry less and recognize the power of our thoughts in making that happen.

Where do we begin?

Right where we are.

We talked of Living in the Now and writing a list of things we are grateful for, that’s a start.  The key is to empower each and every day with this life-altering-simple act.

Thanksgiving Creation 4 Table
Collected & Arranged by Happy Boys:)

We sat around our Thanksgiving table this evening, nibbling, savoring, reveling in the spread and space before us, gathered, grateful to overflowing.  Now, our daily ritual at day’s close is to light a candle, reflect on happenings and that which caught our breath and our hearts.  Mommy, Daddy, Nathaniel (4), Liam (6), we all share what moved us.  Tonight we moved it to the table we shared with Grandpa and began a round of “What are you grateful for from this year?”

“I gwatefull for you Mommy.” Nathaniel’s tiny hand reaches out to touch finger tips across the way from where he sits.  “And Daddy, Liam and Grandpa.”  He looks eye to eye to eye to eye and lingers in your soul.

“I’m grateful for everyone in the world, of course especially all of you, here.  I’m grateful for learning how to read,” our brilliant and noble Liam shares.

Grandpa’s turn.  In his 82nd year of wise existence he says simply, gently, “I’m grateful for family.”  And then sits looking at us in gracious silence.

“I’m grateful for time, time with all of you and the life that we have chosen to make sure we have that time together,” Todd, Daddy, says, in reflection on a year that has seen dramatic changes by choice to simplify and choose love and connection over all else in this wild, whirling world.

My turn.  “I am grateful for all you’ve shared, all you mean to me.  I’m grateful for this life and how it shows me and grows me and allows me to become a deeper, higher version of me always.”

Then… chewing, blissful, grate-full, joyful chewing.

Yes, this is how we can combat stress, chew, be, share, listen, care and be aware of all we have.  Beyond stress relief, this process and flow is essential for our evolution to the highest vision of the greatest life that we can live.  It cannot be done just when someone lets the cliché slip and we are reminded for a moment or when a holiday rolls around.

An Attitude of Gratitude, to have the power to Heal, must be a Habit…
And move beyond word, to the small and grand acts that give wings
to the deep and genuine appreciation you hold.

I invite you to look within yourself and within your days and determine how YOU can make each and every day Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Day
Gracious Moments ’12

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”
Melody Beattie

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