If I Could Instill One Power In My Children

I had one of the most exhilarating, soul-nurturing, smile-inducing, serendipity-reviving reconnects with a friend this evening. Laura Simonson (you may know her as the Doggess:) ) and I traveled this life-journey together in the soul-sis and biz realm a few years ago. We soared to glorious heights and delved into the depths of exploration of […]

Timon n’ Pumbaa Enlighten on Wellness

Holiday-crazy took its toll and the troops crashed today, all three of us. Hacking and sniffles and heeding the call to rest and rejuvenate and find comfort in cuddles and sleep and the guffaws of the ever-clever (and informative) Timon and Pumbaa. After Mom’s relentless reminding, unheard, I popped on You Tube to find some […]

Girls … You ARE Beautiful. Guys … You da Man

“Every one of you girls out there, I want you to know you are beautiful just as you are. And guys, you da man.” Nick Vujicic There are moments when we wonder if we are, if we ever could be, enough.  We all encounter days when “the world is too much with us.”  We lose […]

Wear Sunscreen ~ 6 mins 37secs of Meanderings to Live By

If you haven’t seen this, you MUST.  If you have seen this, and you have clicked on here for some unknown, yet serendipitous reason, it is CLEARLY time for you to SEE IT AGAIN. 6 minutes and 37 seconds to remind you of what is essential and what is not, what will empower you and […]

Season of Spirit in Upon Us

“This bell is a wonderful symbol of Christmas, as am I, but remember the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.” Santa ~ In The Polar Express What is it about this season that puts an extra spring in the step, gives us an anticipatory-tingle in our hearts and has us hankering for the […]

Let Our Lil Gurus Wield Knives n’ Drive Cars?

“Children can only learn to take responsibility when given a chance to assess and mitigate risk for themselves.” Gever Tulley of the Tinkering School and Bright Works: An Extraordinary School makes the case for Dangerous Acts to ignite interest, spark understanding and fuel a child’s pure and passionate desire to learn. Our world has become […]

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? – YouTube

Good Day Creative LifeSchoolers Xtraordinaire! Today’s gem that I link you to, is one of my personal favorites and one of the most extraordinary videos I have ever seen on the necessity for supporting, encouraging and empowering the cultivation of creativity within children and all beings. Witty, poignant and thought provoking, this TED talk will […]

4 Mins to Parental Bliss

Hi LifeSchoolers, Today I was geared to share snip-its of wisdom to inspire you along your unique and purposeful journey as parent, mentor, friend and human being today…and then I found this video and it captured so much of it.   I hope you take 4 mins for you (and/or include your munchkins as I […]