Memorable Mins with Lifer Friends

Karen and Jody have been my kindred buds since forever it seems. Karen since grade 5 and Jod, the moment Karen set her sights on this soulmate at the ripe age of 17.

We’ve shared space to the extreme of my knowing Jody’s snoring habits and feeling compelled, from the bed across the room of Karen’s and my dorm, to whip anything within reach to cease the insanity. 😉

I’ve watched aisle walking, experienced miracle babies born and still find complete solace in their presence after all these years. And now my boys get to revel in the buzz n’ bliss as their children Kyla and Ryan entertain and delight in Liam and Nathaniel as only family can.

From cookie baking (recipe thanks to Karen treasuring the one from our grade 9 Home-Ec class), Ky making her famous hot chocolate with ton o marshmallows and candy canes, to family meals (die-hard Canadian-Boy BBQer) and limitless trips down memory lane…what a stellar time we’ve had.

Family chooses you, but you have grand opportunity to discover and delight in friends who become family through the years. What a gift beyond measure in deed.

Xo grateful girl jenni









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