A Word About Balance … Building Blocks for Life

Well Hello Mentors n’ Friends,

And so begins the 365 day journey into the heart, soul and biz brain of one mom who longs to deliver MORE to her two feisty, wise, grounded, growing boys.  I am thrilled you’re walking, running, sometimes leaping, alongside.  This is one of those adventures more extraordinary for the sharing.

Let’s dive right in shall we?

Delve & Design Retreat Haven

Having just returned from a 3 day delve n’ design retreat weekend, and as this is status quo for me when embarking on any worthy adventure, I can vouch for the power of silence and the gift of time.  As I sat by the crackling fire, my educational tools before me and a tried & true 100-page-friend to inspire me to build within as well as with-out, I opened the latter and read a real gem…

The title was ‘A Question of Balance’.  The chapter spoke of balancing our ‘inner work’ with our ‘outer work’ “We begin to appreciate a basic paradox: that in order to be truly generous, truly of service to others, we actually need to be completely ‘self-centered’. We need to stay in touch with our own hearts, listening carefully to what they tell us, even while engaged in external activity or interaction.” 1-1

As anyone with little ones, or growing ones, or ones that feel they are grown but perhaps have just a little left to learn, knows, this ‘external activity’ can be exhilarating and exhausting.  If we are to guide our children in the ways of this world and empower them to unleash that innate wisdom of ‘heart’ within themselves, we must set the stage mustn’t we?  How can we teach to our children, what we do not gift to ourselves?  And in a world prone to reactive versus proactive action, how can we set an example of conscious choice and thought and deed, if we do not have the inner strength to stop, listen, think and respond with intention ourselves?

As a parent who has chosen to educate her boys within our home and in the world we explore with them, I can say I value information, stories that engage, opportunities for creative expression, travel and engaging in cultures of the world, but, above all I want my children to learn to TRUST THEMSELVES.  I want them to honour the person they ARE, despite their grades, or accolades or vocational choices.  I want my boys to look in the mirror and like, nay LOVE, what they see.  When the world turns on them, as it most certainly will in moments, I want them to know that they have the courage, power and love of that essence within them that is whole, wise, brave and true.

This type of learning doesn’t come in the curriculum options that lay before me, it hovers in the silence within and all around me.  It begins here, in the 500 square foot simple cabin, tucked within a glade of gold and crimson trees, on a chair where I sit, still, seeking within myself, the wholeness, the wisdom, the bravery to embrace the job before me.

And so, after 10+ years of seeking to inspire and empower people of the world to go within, and now looking to build a foundation for this inward journey for my boys, I begin with myself..Self-Centered to Serve from Center.

In the spirit of mentoring thru life with life,

~~ Today’s blog begins a series of entries to do with the Building Blocks 4 Long-Term WoW.  After 15 years in biz development and communications, I recognize the power of applying the values, vision, mission development & planning process we did yearly in the biz realm, to my new career LifeSchool Inc.  I hope you join the TEAM and come to incorporate what resonates and share what has worked for you.  We are better together…Value of One, the Power of Many.  Through this blog I hope to engage and work with the many of you who, like me, long for more and are willing to dive right in to make ‘er happen!   Chat tomorrow:)

1-1 See LifeSchool Footnotes Page for details on this ‘gem’.


© Copyright – All Rights Reserved – Jennifer Maki, Project YES! Life, Center of YES!, Inc.  All postings, writings, photos contained within this blog are subject to copyright.  That being said, I would certainly appreciate your sharing excerpts and/or photos, but please do reference this blog http://www.lifeschoolinc.wordpress.com.  Thank you:)


4 thoughts on “A Word About Balance … Building Blocks for Life

    • Thank you for those amazing words, but more importantly the beautiful heart behind them Laura. It is such a gift to take all that you and I have talked of, mused about, been inspired by and apply it to the little souls of the world. If I can do it for them, then life is truly sweet. Bless you my friend! xo J

  1. I am so excited for you, Jen, and selfishly, I am equally excited to hop on board and journey with you! You WoW me, my Friend! xoxo

    • WoWed right back at cha my amazing friend Larry. Thank you for your limitless enthusiasm for the adventure! I too look forward to all your gems of insight as we go 365. Yahoo to jumping right back on that bus together and bustin’ all the rules with our desire to see what we wanna see, whenever we wanna see it. Such fun memories and more to come:) xoxo j

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