Hello World and Parents in Pursuit of More

Hello WoW World!!

Welcome to a journey, an exploration of all things expanding and exhilarating for the greatest gifts we’ve ever known, our children and the children of world.  This is a blog that takes on the adventure of educating and empowering our children, whether in compliment to an educational program, or as parents forging the way for ourselves.  The information, insights, links and ideas are for all parents, mentors and anyone enraptured by the strength, courage and wisdom of the little ones in this world and keenly aware that they ARE in fact our future:)

Why LifeSchool Inc.?  (You’ll find the full answer at A Story *About* ) but, in a nutshell…

  • LifeSchool because learning happens everywhere & anywhere, at home, in a museum, on a plane, in a waiting room, in a classroom, standing among the ruins of the Colosseum in Rome.
  • LifeSchool Inc. because I come from, and educate within, an entrepreneurial, business world that thrives on: vision, mission, values, goal setting, strategic planning, implementation, creativity, risk-taking and evaluating success every step of the way so we may learn, grow and evolve.  We do all this to run a business, a country.  When we take on parenting, mentoring, we should certainly think and deliver based on a conscious, creative and passionate plan for what it is we truly WANT for our children and know what we are willing to change within ourselves to deliver that shouldn’t we?!

I’m taking the best of what I’ve learned,
the best of what I’ve taught
and I’m sharing it with my children and with you.

This is a 365-day journey, which means I will add snip-its daily.  Some will hopefully be profound and thought-provoking, some practical, some inspiring and, some may be simple.  But you’ll get it ALL in the hopes that you will be inspired, encouraged and feel, above all, that you are not alone in your longings, your triumphs, your temporary-defeats and your desires to constantly find new ways to bring more, give more, empower more, unleash more of all that is good and courageous and true within yourself and your child.

But before we begin with the details of how this Business and Passion of Education, LifeSchool Inc. will unfold, please explore A Story *About* so you are clear about what you’re getting yourself into and who you’re diving into it with:)

The count down to the ‘official launch’ of our 365 day adventure lift-off is in…3 days:)  Just time enough to spread the word, pen in on your daily schedule of inspiring-bits-to-peruse, and settle in with a cup-a-joe-r-tea.

Soooo looking forward to the leap ahead:)


Jennifer @ LifeSchool Inc.


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