Retreat in Life, 4 Life

What a surreal and expanding experience this last weekend. If I could encourage parents and mentors to do one thing with their children, no matter their age, no matter yours… Retreat. To create sacred space with my kindred soul child of 6, few expectations, letting it all flow as it comes, was one of the […]

In-Breath Necessity

The MindFULL Mentor Series ~ An exploration for those committed to FILLING head and heart consciously, to lead self and little ones with integrity. Breath is the stuff of life. In, to fill the soul within, Out, to infuse the world with it. But should we forget to engage in one or the other, soon […]

Strong Like Bull, Cool Like Cat, Free Like Bird

MindFULL Mentor, post #6 To empower a child’s full and brilliant light to illuminate the world, we must ignite each element of their being and fuel them with clear intention, conscious choice and limitless love. You MindFULL Mentors are keenly aware of what this means and what this takes! It takes vigilance and vigor. With […]

Intention Tracking

The MindFULL Mentor Series ~ Post #5 So many of us spend more engaged, enraptured, time planning a two-week vacation, then we do our lives … And even less, setting the stage for the kind of parent we will be. When I became pregnant I decided I wanted to parent the way I had lived […]

Living Lemonade Grace

We are often defined, not by our ability to embrace the perfect unfolding of life, but by our ability to ebb and flow with the unpredictable, the unpleasant and the unwanted. When we look at this ‘job’ of parenting / mentoring, what is to be learned rarely comes from what we plan or schedule or […]

The MindFULL Mentor – INPower Lil Ones

The world would have us give all our energy away. Seemingly there is never enough time to do all those magnificent things we dream to do and more people that need us than can ever be physically uplifted. Our Out-Breath into the families we love and the communities we serve is beautiful and board line […]

The MindFULL Mentor – Space IN and Out

Soooo LifeSchoolers… How went the reflection and observation of your ‘space’? Did you discover a rekindling with an old fave spot or feel inspired to create anew? We know the power of Space, but often the world can crowd in and before we know it we can hardly determine where we end and the world […]

The MindFULL Mentor – Sacred Space

We do all that we do for our children, for the loved ones who raise eyes and hearts to us looking for a way, a guide and hope that the world is good and open and free.  Often what we do not realize is that providing this has little to do with what we do […]

Lil Man Hankering 4 Retreat

4 days ago Liam, our old soul of 6, asked, “Mommy, when are you going to that Buddha retreat place next?” It has been a while since I last spent moments at the Arrow River Hermitage, but it is a kindred place of connection for me and I felt a deep stirring at its mention. […]

Let Us Make Time

This was a superb post today on facebook from Words/Quotes/Saying That Inspire. It struck me… We do think we have time, don’t we? We live as though we get a do-over at some point, as though these days with our children, our partner, our loved ones, our colleagues, our neighbors, in this world, will somehow […]