Fill Up Your Heart. Don’t Try To Be Something Your Not

“We all grow up and someday we’ll say good bye. So shine your light while you still got one. Make the most of what you got. Don’t waste time trying to be something your not. Fill up your head, fill up your heart and take your shot. Don’t waste time trying to be something your […]

I SEE You ~ 10 Centering Tips to Bring You Home

“We dance round in a ring and suppose, But the secret sits in the middle and knows.” Robert Frost If we look within, really look within, we all know we want to live Centered lives, lives in which we respond versus react, think before we speak, measure the outcome before we march.  Sometimes we are […]

Wear Sunscreen ~ 6 mins 37secs of Meanderings to Live By

If you haven’t seen this, you MUST.  If you have seen this, and you have clicked on here for some unknown, yet serendipitous reason, it is CLEARLY time for you to SEE IT AGAIN. 6 minutes and 37 seconds to remind you of what is essential and what is not, what will empower you and […]

Buddhas In The Backseat

Ever have those moments, days perhaps, when you feel like the balance and innate power you possess to flow and create and juggle a gazzilion balls in the air is off kilter and zapped? It perhaps was not apparent to the world around me, perhaps not even to me (because when you walk in a […]

Brain Candy = Games

Let’s face it… we can SAY we play games for the kids, but don’t tell me when it comes b-day or Christmas pressie unwrapping time, that when you see a cool new, or fond fave, game emerge, you don’t get a tingle of joy yerself?!!  hee hee For homeschoolers, lifeschoolers, mentors, kiddies, seniors and every […]

Win a Book 4 Your Healthy Thoughts!

Hello Fabulously-Well LifeSchoolers, A huge part of this journey in mentoring the world comin’ on down the line, is to spark an understanding that wellness and healthy choices for bod, brain and being is essential for learning and life on all levels. I had a neat connect a few weeks back with Author and Wellness […]

Scream-Free Livin’ … You IN?

“Emotional reactivity is behind every bad pattern, bad decision, and bad relationship. … — we operate out of our anxiety and, ironically, end up creating the very outcomes we were hoping to avoid. ScreamFree Living [means taking ] … the number one step toward creating the types of relationships we truly crave [by] learning to […]

A Ted Prize and a Charter for Compassion Realized

“On February 28, 2008 Karen Armstrong won the TED Prize and made a wish: for creating, launching and propagating a Charter for Compassion.” Today I sat amidst the etched, the ancient, the ornate, the dazzling glass stained in images of a Christian faith, as I listened in the nave of Trinity Church.  Although we commune […]

Those Who Play Together, Stay Together … And Linger Longer.

“An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body.” General George S. Patton We can desire expansion of thought, learning, ideas, understanding, joy and expression of self for our children (for ourselves), but none of this can fully take place without caring for the temple in which we reside, our bodies. And so as we […]

The Blood Curdling Cry for a Curriculum Shift

There is no game-changer quite like a scream. You know the one? It pierces the ears, turns your blood a little colder, you know in a split second it’s no minor deal and, somehow it always, always comes from the other room. We’ve all had these moments if we have or are around children. Today […]