Lil Man Hankering 4 Retreat

4 days ago Liam, our old soul of 6, asked, “Mommy, when are you going to that Buddha retreat place next?” It has been a while since I last spent moments at the Arrow River Hermitage, but it is a kindred place of connection for me and I felt a deep stirring at its mention. […]

What Do You Radiate?

“True beauty transcends clothes and makeup, it radiates from within…and you are Radiant my love.” My husband said this to me when I woke this morning. Of course, I swooned, but beyond this, I was struck by the message of truth it holds for us all. What are you radiating? Your innate beauty is stunning! […]

Tips n’ Tools 4 Heart Connects

Today is Reconnection Day in the Maki house. After weeks of Daddy on the road, we settle into one another in presence and find home. We’ve spent our day reveling in the magic of family. How do you reconnect with loved ones? How do you return to centered connection? Here’s our Family Fun Times list… […]

Sparkle Thoughts ~ The World Needs YOU!

Last night I attended a synergistic workshop, full of flow and authentic soul-searching. (Don’t you just LOVE these type of connects?!) The genuine, gregarious and glowing, Angela Gollat, artist, mentor and co-owner of The Creative Commons, was our guide. She is also, I am thrilled to say, my newest client, on a collaborative adventure to […]

Donning the Cape for our Kids

“A boy doesn’t have to go to war to be a hero; he can say he doesn’t like pie when he sees there isn’t enough to go around.” E.W. Howe Of all the things we long to teach our children, aren’t the basics of heroism in body, mind and spirit at the core of it […]

The World’s Gone Gaga for Happiness…Finally

Today marks the first official International Happiness Day, as declared by the United Nations. We know the powerful nature of happiness to our flow, quality and ultimately quantity of life. Hope is glowing in our midst, as with each gesture toward bringing these essential esoteric elements to light we are one step closer to a […]

Givin’ It All Up 4 Joy

Everything we set our sights upon, All we reach out to hold, Each truth that resonates within and is delivered to the world, The steps we take, The love we make, The life we long to know… Must spill forth from the depths of our being, call to us from beyond our grasp with a […]

Fuel ‘Em 4 Life

Something so simple, yet so profound. Can nourish or deplete, Enrage or engage. Worth our energy, Our openness, Our commitment. To Fuel our Bodies, Brain and Being In Ways to Wake the World and Inspire a Generation of INPowered, INHealth, INVincible, Leaders. Yep… you guessed it.  Healthy, Vibrant, Balanced Food:) It is no secret that […]

The Pot o’ Gold Is Yours

A tradition began in our lives when we talked of our Irish heritage and read a story of two children who put forth their best efforts to catch that Trickster, the Leprechaun. Oh it has been the most extraordinary unfolding from there, as St. Patrick’s Day approaches and the scheming begins. It is not that […]

Fifteen Assumptions That Might Be Useful To Make

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
1. Assume that you are loved. 2. Assume that those who love you find some kind of value in you and the things you do. 3. Assume, however, that you don’t need to be valuable in order to be worthy of love. 4. Assume that there is no one…