Moved… To Tears, To Life

The wind begins,

distant, echoing.
With each breath whispers ever closer,
moving reluctant trees
and restless heart.
Then at once
sweeps me up,
with wonder, bewilderment.
I am weary.
Until reverence rescues me
and I am keenly aware it was simply time to move.

I have known little familiarity over these last few months.  A world once predictable, filled with keen constants in relationships with family and friends and community, shifted in an instant and I have been officially Moved…

by truck,

to tears,

in awe.

We have deemed this past holiday season as The Christmas of Perspective.  Like a surreal and incomprehensible dream, I nearly lost both my sisters to illness.  In one moment, we are giddy with inside banter only soul sisters can grasp; in the next moment, sirens near and far are shattering the sweet silence I’ve come to know in sharing life with these tender and treasured women.

I can say with certainly, I glimpsed my death.  To live in this world without the very lifelines of my existence, to be left to wander this earth, while they sipped, sauntered and swirled in the light fantastic of the bliss beyond the veil, would be sure peril for me.  I knew their love, I know their hearts and mine, but I do not know that I knew this until I glimpsed our possible end.

Carrie and I CottageThere are souls that tread the path,
who hold our spirits in their hand
with thought or word or deed
and make this crazy world seem sane,
draw heaven down to us to light the way.

My sisters, courageous Carrie and precious Pamie, are these souls to me and while I would have taken every ounce of pain they endured as my own, I am filled to spilling-free with gratitude for all this, and the clarity and hope and understanding it has brought to us all.Pamie and I 2

I can write this now, I think, because they are healing every day in body, we are loving each other more completely in spirit and are using our minds to find courageous ways to care for ourselves anew.

I know I am not alone in this journey of nearly losing a loved one.  I know I was, we are, the lucky ones.  There is loss every day across the world, pain unpredictable and raw.   Perhaps, just perhaps, the messages on the wind are somewhat the same.

Beyond a Move of Heart, we also picked up house and have shifted to our new community of Innisfil.  This brought its own set of swirling winds, perhaps not as keenly for Todd who has embraced his dream job, or with me, who has been a gypsy all life long, but for our boys the world became uncertain for time.  And so we did what we do, we got busy, we surrendered and embraced a chance for spirit to lift us free.

And OH BOY has She ever!

In just over a month, the signs have come fast and furious that not only was our time in Thunder Bay perfect and precious, but the shifting-on necessary and liberating as well.

Todd is empowering change and quietly making his loving mark on team and student and reveling in the support of the visionaries who understand aligning passion and integrity with conscious action.

Our children have drawn closer to us and we talk deeply about our hopes, our fears and the miracles that are made when we are open and aware of the opportunities around us and the loving Spirit who guides us perfectly to where we need to blow.

Friends of old and serendipitously new have emerged with ease and kindness and pure love.  Home is discovered in our hearts, and in this place however long it may last.  As we have learned so sweetly of the power of living in the moment and embracing life as it comes, in echoes, flutters, in the gentle breeze that caresses our cheek and ignites our willing hearts.

And, just yesterday, the clam surrendered with the pearl… A recommendation from a friend in our community past, to a member of our community new, and upon meeting face-to-face a dream of friendship, and business building and vision creation begins.  And this kindred soul ‘just happened’ to know of a whole host of home/life schooling families sharing this adventure.

Hmmmm… perhaps, just perhaps, the messages on the wind are the same for all of us Moved…

1. Live Presently

2. Release Willingly what was

3. Surrender Keenly to what is

4. Know Clearly there is a miracle at work here

5. Trust Fully that you will never be Moved without reason

6. Rejoice Radically because dancing in the wind, as we did when we were kiddies, is Always, Always a good thing!

To your Moved Life …

In Light, with Love,


And as my feet lifted off,
my breath caught,
I looked up,
and I knew…
just knew…
the perfection of it all.
And from that second on…
I was FREE.

3 thoughts on “Moved… To Tears, To Life

  1. wow.body …glad that everybody has survived….and are moving on with their lives…strange journeys sometimes…you have to believe ..

    • Yes, you and I know this all too well. But when we get those second chances, it puts life in perfect perspective doesn’t it just Aldo? How your family pulled together in love and how your sister pushed through to health and inspired so many along the way, was nothing, is nothing, short of miraculous. Hugs to all j

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