Escapism at Its Finest!

Mystical sunsets, quiet contemplation, wild discoveries, bubble chasing, mine digging, shadow puppets, dirt dustings head to foot…all essential to the evolution of soul of child and adult alike.

Communing with nature is the surest and swiftest way to pure, sweet escape and irrevocable rejuvenation.

Here we find ourselves, amidst the trees and truth for 3-weeks of tenting, rain or shine, chilling or basking, to release, relax and return to who we are, really, away from the ways of the whirling world.

Whatever creates buzz or wonder in your family needs be planned and indulged in. For when the world becomes too much with us, it will be these shimmering moments in memory that will sustain us through the mad and unpredictable ones.

What childhood memories sustain you to this very day? What indulgences do you engage in with your children to revive your spirits?

Whatever they are, may they be lazy and luxurious, or spellbinding and invigorating… regardless, may they be everlasting.

Happy summer. Happy life.

As always, I’d love to hear your adventures of heart and spirit.





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