A Spirit Runs Thru It

This is one of the most extraordinary videos I have ever “felt” (Make sure your sound is up 🙂 ).

As you loose yourself in the dance, consider the magic of life, the awe-inspiring current of mystical that pulses through every moment of our lives. Even, perhaps especially, through the times when events occur we can hardly understand.
When you reflect, you may find, as I do, that it is uncanny how protected, honored and encouraged I have been through every one of life’s ebbs ad flows. The lessons have been deep and moving, have called me to endure and ante up and always culminate in more profound understandings of the love within it all.

As a parent, there is no greater ache then to see your child in pain, be it of body or heart. And yet we all know of its inevitability and its grander purpose for growth. It does not make it any easier.

This weekend Liam fell and came to me with quite the gusher. My heart physically ached for his tears. As I held him, I suddenly became keenly aware of how this precious being of almost seven has captivated me, wholly.

3 stitches in his head, a lesson in mindfulness for him, later, I feel the current. A loose tooth for lil Nathaniel and then its loss, his pain and then joy, I feel the spirit. Our settling in this town with family and then discovering work calls us to another city to build a life, I feel the Divine at work, even play.

All of this, an illuminating and intoxicating dance of surrender, compassion, understanding and love.

If I could teach our children only one thing it would be…

Dance. Surrender and dance, knowing you are blown,
swept up, swept away, tossed high, released and held,
with powerful, consistent, perfect love.
Know this, trust this,
and the miracles of life
will not pass you by unnoticed.

May you watch this, feel this, video and see the perfection of your life’s journey today and forevermore. Know you are loved my friend and never, ever alone.

In honor of the dance,

p.s. I would be remiss if I did not thank our minister Randy Boyd of Trinity United for bringing this video and its message to light this past Sunday. We were profoundly moved and are eternally grateful for the dance we take with you in love. 😉 xo

Here they are…
~ Liam, despite the 3-stitch head wound, making pretzel-f for “Fun!” Love this kiddie 😉
~ Nathaniel’s tooth loose and… Out.
~ Strolling in the magnificent light of life’s miracles, daily, in body and spirit.20130524-095734.jpg




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