Really? Enough? WoW!

This is a post of pure, particular, powerful, present WoW-Gratitude.
In celebration of moments that I long to linger, to hold cradled in my heart for eternity,
this goes out to those who have INpowered me
to understand that what I am,
truly am,
and share is

Is there a greater gift we could offer to another?

Simply no.IMG_0891

We enter into this world just as we are,
looking to BE,
to discover our groove,
to find our way and,
in that way,
shift the world a little for good.

Ohh but as we grow, can we be swayed, knocked off course, made to doubt and dally. Sadly, we can wake one day and wonder where we went, how that true essence that whispers through the din of this crazy world got drowned out for a time.

Or we can remain true to the whisperings, intentionally flowing from knowing to action, not willing to sell out for what sells, keepin’ it real, remaining true to balance of all the values we hold dear, recognizing this creates less of the BANG effect so often needed for notice.

Those that choose the latter route do it not for recognition or for rousing the masses, but simply because they understand that life’s essence is in the details, and are committed to what beckons from within, knowing to not do it would mean the slow destruction of self.

This, doing for the sake of passion, for love of the work itself,
paid or unpaid, riveting the masses or even just one,
this, I believe, is where true success is born. 
But it may take the world time to take note, if in fact it ever does at all. 
And yet, it matters not to the pilgrim of inner purpose,
for their game is already won. 

There have been high moments in my life when I have ridden the world-train, climbed the ladder, appeased my ego and found the treasures glitzy and empty that follow.

But then I woke, relinquished contribution to GNP (gross national power) to make way for offering heart and soul for a greater good, to families with children with disabilities, those needing hospice, to community projects aimed to weave a greater bond between citizens.

Our Heroic Team :)

Our Heroic Team

I met my soul friend and man, bore my children, and answered yet another call to love better and more and clearer. I chose to homeschool, to follow my children in their creative joys, to support my husband in the pursuit of his visions of heart, and to write, no matter who read, just to write.

Writing has been my solace, my friend, my crutch, my venue for unleashing dream to page and empowering systematic approach for achievement. I have written for love, to enable client’s to increase bottom line and prestige, but this, this blog … It’s raw, it’s real, no PR spin, just me, my life and the lives of my family members laid bare.

Considering this, scared the hell out of me quite frankly. Putting us ‘out there’ for 365 days freaked me a little. I mean, no one can stabilize a facade that long. 😉 And so, I get real, I share the skinny and that which scares me. In a former life, I would have seen this as weakness, as a death certificate for success.

But the world is changing. The world is in our bedrooms, our hearts, our evening antics are tweeted and the powerful pursuits of soul and dirty secrets revealed.
Playing field, officially leveled.

And so I change with it and am awed by the freedom I now know and the depth of relationships I now have.

In yesterday’s post I shared my soul. I debated whether I would, whether people would care to even hear really… I mean people come to me for their joy-fix not the pity party.

This poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox echoes in me, always has really, deep and clear…
“Laugh and the world laughs with you.
Cry, and you cry alone…”

I believed this B.S. really. For so very long. And for the fair weather folks this is real, and a gift in disguise for any who might confuse them for true.

The world I now know and love is right there in it with me,
loving me in it all and I them,
and we are more for baring soul,
coming to terms with our humanity and never
relinquishing our passionate pursuit of evolving to more.

My beautiful soul friends rallied to spontaneously honor my contribution and truth in the world yesterday, my husband’s cousin sat and asked me all about my journey of serendipitous-unfolding to date, the love of friends poured forth like a well I struck without ever knowing I was seeking… But feel rich beyond imaginings for finding.

This life is good. But goodness is a choice and it is, most assuredly,
based on our ability to know ourselves, love ourselves
and listen and act on the spirit that lives within that always,
whispers us on our way to greater joy, health, peace, truth and love.

Thank you, my friends, this community we’ve conjured, for allowing me to see once again, that me being just me, is really, truly, simply ENOUGH.

Bless you… I could not love or appreciate you more for simply being you, always ENOUGH;)

For all Mothers…to children, furry ones, nurturers of the planet and its people, and the men who love them well, freeing them up to love better and more…Happy Day of celebrating the powerful difference you make in the world with your attention, compassion and pure, devoted love!You Are Enough

Xo jenni

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