Retreat in Life, 4 Life

We Are Never Along

What a surreal and expanding experience this last weekend.

If I could encourage parents and mentors
to do one thing with their children,
no matter their age, no matter yours…

To create sacred space with my kindred soul child of 6, few expectations,
letting it all flow as it comes,
was one of the most eye and heart opening experiences
I have known in this life.

Liam amazed me.  He delighted me.  He encouraged me.
He, most assuredly, was the teacher and I the student.
And he and I will never be quite the same, ever again.

The entire weekend was filled with surreal connections, conversations, cuddles and creations.

As we are not Buddhists ‘officially’ we discussed what we can learn from these intentional practices of Mindfulness, we embraced the culture and the rituals honoured by the monk and his steward who reside here.  Liam ate it all up.

He loved being a part of community, of the flow of revered quiet and respect for the simple, the calm and the learning of how to more peacefully and contentedly walk in the world.  He loved cutting wood and building fires, lighting candles and breathing in space.  He saw a quieter side of Mommy, of the world and before my eyes he transformed from 6 into a soul of 60 and eternal grace.

There will be many stories that will spin forth from our time spent at Arrow River and the lessons Mommy learned in the presence of her son and kindred friend Liam, but for today, I walk you through our weekend in pictures to give you a feel for the magic that rested there.

Fire Reflection

We arrived and built a fire to see our way through the dark to light, around us and within us.  I watch as Liam settles into a new way of BEing, as I settle into mine.  We are alone and together and in a space to truly SEE one another, in simple and profound ways, anew…

Liam in med mode

We take our meditation bliss out for a spin.  Isn’t he just a vision of peace? 🙂  Ahhh grateful Momma.

Morn In Play

We wake and play with the mediation balls, rolling, tingling, calling us in… in… in…

M & L in Med

And connect together in space and place.

A Walk

Then we walk.

A Fave Spot to Rest

Liam discovers his favorite place to watch the waters flow and wait for Mommy to catch up, on our way to the pavilion.

L Explores Pavillion

We explore the place we share meals, community and meditation.  The pavilion of Peace 🙂 … Outside

Liam of MommyAnd in… (Liam’s awesome creative shot:)

A Place for Reverence

And in…

This is where we began… our first day, as it were, exploring the world about us and the world within us.

In the days to come, I will share snip-its of insights and moments we shared that I hope will ignite connection in your own inspired ways.

This… a beginning.

Wishing you a day of quiet reverence and the precious act of truly SEEing the loved ones that surround you, for the gifts they are.  And may you book time, moments, in places and spaces that fuel connection that lives in them, in you and between you two.


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