Strong Like Bull, Cool Like Cat, Free Like Bird

MindFULL Mentor, post #6

To empower a child’s full and brilliant light to illuminate the world,
we must ignite each element of their being and fuel them
with clear intention, conscious choice and limitless love.

You MindFULL Mentors are keenly aware of what this means and what this takes!

It takes vigilance and vigor.

With the aware and ever-questioning, ever-thinking, ever-analytical children of today,
we must have answers that can stand the test of scrutiny.
No more do we long for children to be seen and not heard.
We want to hear them.
We want to honor them.
But ohh in moments when asked “Why do I haf-ta?”
to answer with “Just because” would be soo much easier wouldn’t it?
And yet, knowing the evolved-and-knowledge-n’-truth-seeking youth of today, You KNOW your getting that one right back at cha when you ask your budding teenager why he/she made that rather-risky choice.
Wait for it… “Just because!”

In the name of setting precedent for open dialogue and mutual respect, we answer with clear, conscious answers that meet them at their level and then we stand our ground in the name of what is right, when needed and adapt when they bring new logic to light.

At least this is what we aspire to do isn’t it?!

And so with this comes the need to consciously choose how we fuel our little ones on every level.

We know sooo much more now (or at least we think we do) about making healthy choices for bod, brain and being for ourselves and for the planet. The bar has been raised and even when parents have turned a blind eye, kids are bringing their parents back to point and forcing discussion or are making choices for themselves.

Children choose to be Vegetarian for humanitarian reasons.
Children run around shutting off lights and faucets, reminding parents to reduce, reuse, recycle.
Little gaffers are engaging in yoga, requesting to be included on retreats and sit in mediation happily and with ease.

We, mentors, must get with the program if we are to evolve at the pace of the next generation of leaders.

Okay so, with obesity on the rise and fast-food-face-filling an epidemic, clearly not all folks are making informed choices. But MindFULL Mentors most certainly are, whether they have always been aware or are just waking.

Kudos to all who ante up!

Making healthy, wise, conscious choices are not always easy, faster or rewarded with ‘Yahoo!’s and ‘Yum’s.
In fact, this mindful road we tread is time consuming, takes planning and can, in moments, be implemented much to chagrin of our loved ones.

I say, “Tough petootie!”

In fact, in our home when the kids begin complaining about the green shake or the latest quinoa dish, I simply say,
(And yes, I put a good Russian accent spin on it.) “Boys, boys, it is my job as your mother to feed you good and make you Strong Like Bull.”

This always brings a laugh, sparks conversation about the fact that sometimes we eat it because we love it, sometimes we eat it because we know it makes us Strong Like Bull.
And always it makes the food go down a little easier because, go down it must.

When we sit in meditation, we discuss clouds and making clear skies of our minds. We breathe and chant ‘Om’s to help focus, and always round out our time with 2 to 5 mins of silence and then our harmonizing ‘Om Chanti’s.
Squirming is inevitable, but learn to still, overtime, we must.

When we embrace our LifeSchool at various times throughout our days and weeks, we pick projects of their interest, we explore, we dive in, we discuss, we set mini goals for accomplishment, but follow through on small achievable tasks we must. And by all means learn to power of having fun doing it.

We are raising a generation that:

~ truly has a chance to change the way we view ourselves and life about us,

~ cares about our global plight and sees hope within it all,

~ is able to communicate worldwide, and

~ understands that one is neither too young nor too old to live their dream and make a huge difference in an ever-expanding world.

If we can laugh at ourselves, converse with intention and truth, engage in conversations that stretch us, work to provide wise, thoughtful guidance and admit when we fall short and demonstrate what it means to take responsibility and rise again and again, better…

Then we will most certainly offer the likes of a life that empowers one to be…
Strong Like Bull, Cool Like Cat, Free Like Bird;)

Live free and prosper MindFULL Mentors!







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