Intention Tracking

The MindFULL Mentor Series ~ Post #5

So many of us spend more engaged, enraptured, time
planning a two-week vacation, then we do our lives …
And even less, setting the stage for the kind of parent we will be.

When I became pregnant I decided I wanted to parent the way I had lived my life for 35 years, with intention. I had never been a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal, (spontaneous and outrageously risky, but always mapped out before throwing caution to the wind for the wilder ride)! 😉

Why should I attend to parenting with any less vigor. In fact, because there were a few rough patches in my upbringing, I wanted to face what was and intend what I could, and then ride the rest guilt-free with grace (I hoped and still do).

Isn’t it true that we all come into parenting with some sort of baggage or another? Some have carry on, others lug waaaay over the allowable limit. Many, so many, come from, well, dysfunctional families. My spice-of-life aunt likes to call it, ‘not dysfunctional, but rather multifunctional‘. I love this.

We can carry forth as much baggage as we like, but the moment we rise to parenthood or stand before a group of wondering eyes and lead the next generation, we need to set down the past, check our issues at the door, take full grip of the now and our power in it and do our level best to show up conscious, clear and accountable.

And so, my Mommy Journal was born. Here I write what I long to bring to my boys, the fears I will face, the challenges I will endure and the hope I hold to.
I write intentions and record falterings, and flailings and triumphant victories in the embracing of love and achievements big and small.
I lay me on the page and am keenly aware of where I’m at and all that I envision yet to be.

I wish my Mom had kept one of these. She was courageous and loving and complicated, well-intentioned but afraid on deep and untouchable levels. Perhaps if she had poured it all out she would have shed her wondering and embraced her wonder, and I surely would have known her journey better.

The life I lead with our boys, I intend with full and present heart.

I want them to know this… That despite my human failings, I loved them with all that I am and was committed to always, always, discovering new ways to honor them and myself, to focus on joy and celebrate the gift of the life we share.

Maybe one day, when they are grown and I am gone, they will sit and read, and laugh and elbow each other in sweet knowing and understand the depths of my journey a little more. 🙂

Perhaps this speaks to you… If it does, please know it is not the elaborate writings that count, but the consistency with which you keep it.

I invite you to join in the Intended Fun MindFULL Mentor;)

How to:

Buy a journal that speaks to you of your relationship with that child, children, class or team
Write your Mentor Intention. “As a Mentor/Parent I intend to….” This can be an overall intention or a specific intention with regard to a particular situation
– At regular intervals, Check In… Once a week or Once a day (before you head to bed perhaps). Do what works for you so you’ll do it.
Write out Successes (All those amazing moments that are flowing well)
Write out Challenges and how you can improve yourself or relationship with others or let go when need be
Write 10 Things you are grateful for with regard to your children. Nothing gives a Crazy Day Perspective like consciously reminding yourself of all the things you love about them. And don’t forget Gratitude for Self. What is delightful with regard to YOU?

What we think about grows…
What we think about all day long becomes precisely the life we live.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna fly by the seat of my pants and wake up one day thinking of all the places I could of gone, in body, mind and spirit with my kids, if only I had planned.

To a life EXTRAORDINARILY Lived! To you The MindFULL Mentor.

Here’s my journal. I’d love to hear about yours: if you keep one, if you will now and where you hope it all leads.

We are always more for sharing the journey;)


2 thoughts on “Intention Tracking

    • Thrilled you found it inspiring;) Thank you for taking the time to comment! Look forward to hearing more of your thoughts. Jennifer

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